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Florida educational sector seeks to guarantee food sovereignty in educational institutions (+ Audio)

Florida, Apr 20.- Food sovereignty is the country’s ability to produce food sustainably. It is sowing and producing.

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Workers in the Food Industry seek alternatives to guarantee their productions (+ Audio)

Florida, Jan 26.- Despite the lack of raw materials and insufficient availability of energy carriers, the affiliates of the Food Industry union in the municipality of Florida celebrate the sector’s worker’s day, this January 25, with the commitment to maintain production and seek alternatives to guarantee one of the most important programs of the Revolution: feeding the people.

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Hogar Amparo Carriera, guarantee for the maternal and child care program

Florida, Dec 24.- With more than 580 admissions until the end of November, the Amparo Carriera Montes Maternity Home, in the municipality of Florida, defended during the year that is ending, the quality of life of pregnant women and excellent care for those who They work in that dependency of the Public Health system.

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University Center works to guarantee Local Development (+Audio)

Florida, Dec 22.- The training of professionals and the promotion of Local Development are included among the main activities assumed by the labor group of the Municipal University Center of Florida.

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Preparation, humanism and consecration guarantee vital support transfers in Florida

Florida, Sep 16.- With more than 4,500 life support transfer actions carried out so far this year, the workers of the Regionalized Emergency and Medical Emergency System (SIUM) of the municipality of Florida maintain their daily performance despite the impact of the world economic crisis and the aggressive economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the White House against Cuba.

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Pumping stations guarantee water supply in Playa Florida (+ Audio)

Florida, Sep 10.- More than 400 families residing in the coastal community of Playa Florida benefit from the supply of drinking water from the two existing Pumping Stations in that demarcation.

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The Florida Sabino Pupo Polytechnic seeks to guarantee food sovereignty.

Florida, May 3 – Promoting food production and increasing the livestock module is one of the work objectives of the work group of the Sabino Pupo Milián Polytechnic of Florida to advance the food sovereignty program.

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Nursery school, a guarantee of safety for the children of working mothers (+ Audio and Photos)

Florida, Mar 31.- The care of children in infant school during the Limited Autochthonous Transmission Phase due to the spread of Covid-19 is essential for the good performance of working mothers and fathers, who feel the security that their children are protected in these institutions. Continue reading

Florida Farmers Work to Guarantee Food Sovereignty (+ Audio)

Florida, Feb 26.- During the past year, Florida farmers advanced in the mission of guaranteeing food sovereignty in this municipality, although much remains to be done to stabilize the supply of food, grains and vegetables to the population. Continue reading

The guarantee of hospital services is prioritized in Florida (+ Audio)

Florida, Feb. 20.- With 148 beds available for patient care and in the midst of an incessant battle against the COVID-19 pandemic, the Manuel Piti Fajardo General Hospital in the municipality of Florida guarantees service to the people every day. Continue reading