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Health Care, a Right in Revolutionary Cuba

Health Care, a Right in Revolutionary Cuba

Health Care, a Right in Revolutionary Cuba

Havana, Dec 11 –  After the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, there was a mass exodus of health professionals. History shows that 50 percent of 6,000 doctors left the country. Continue reading

Cuban vaccine against lung cancer goes to clinical trial at primary health care level

Cuban vaccine against lung cancer goes to clinical trial at primary health care level

Cuban vaccine against lung cancer goes to clinical trial at primary health care level

Cuba, Mar 27 – With nearly 200 patients, a clinical trial of the drug Cimavax EGF against lung cancer in primary health care (PHC) is being developed in Cuba to evaluate other parameters in order to increase the effectiveness of the first vaccine of its type registered in the world. Continue reading

Cuban Physicians to Improve Health in Brazil

Brazilian Delegation Visits Cuban Agriculture Research Center Havana, Oct 12, — Thousands of Cuban doctors star in an epic of solidarity every day in the world. Whether in Africa, Asia or Latin America, the work of these health professionals is an example of boundless dedication to save human lives. Continue reading

To a Happy and Healthy Life for Children and New Mothers

The health system in the municipality of Florida, as it has been done throughout the country for more than 50 years, devoted considerable resources, intelligence and effort of the specialized personnel and of other institutions to maintain favorable results in the Mother and Child Care Program.

The gradual improvement in key indicators such as the healthy survival of mothers before and after childbirth, and children up to five years old, with rates declined even to record rate of 1.2 deaths per 1000 live births, placed this region of Camagüey, a year ago, above even first world countries with such results.

The systematic monitoring of quality of life of pregnant women, pregnancy process and of child in each case, with the active and leading role of doctors and nurses of the family are missions that do not admit mistakes like oversights or delays, in order to resume the path of reducing to the minimum the child and maternal mortality rate.

In this quest, the main responsibility must fall definitely on the family and community, which must become leading guarantors of health and quality of life of pregnant women, newborn and its mother, enforcing medical direction and guidance of specialists for each period of motherhood.

The Cuban revolutionary government spares no expense in the execution of large numbers of its budget to keep the attention of food, medical care, prevention and support guarantees to the Mother and Child Health Care Program, an effort that requires the cooperation of everyone to achieve a happy and healthy life for our children and new mothers.