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Cuban resistance to the economic blockade honors Fidel’s legacy (+ Audio)

Florida, Aug 11.- From the first years of the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, Yankee imperialism sided with the enemies of the Homeland and devoted all possible resources and pressure to destroy the exemplary and humanistic work begun by Fidel’s generation. and sustained by the New Pines in the 21st century.

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Let us honor the effort Cuba is making in this battle for life.

Florida, Mar 11.- Friends, do you know how much it costs the country to support the Maternal and Child Program in order to guarantee the quality of life of our children, and thereby avoid an increase in mortality that before the triumph of the Revolution exceeded the figure of 60 deaths for every thousand live births? Continue reading

Resultados de traducción Florida participates in online event to honor the historic Leader of the Cuban Revolution

Florida, Nov 26.- The International Youth Encounter “Ideas that are Flags” dedicated to the Leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro Ruz began online with the participation of more than 2,000 organizations from 162 countries and has as its motto “Unity for solidarity , anti-imperialism and anti-neoliberalism: necessary transformation action in times of Covid ”. Continue reading

Students and workers from Villa Clara honor Che

Students and workers from Villa Clara honor Che

Students and workers from Villa Clara honor Che

Santa Clara, Jun 26 – Students, workers and residents of the province honored Ernesto Che Guevara during a tour of work, education and service centers in Villa Clara. Continue reading

Cultural gala held in honor of May Day

Cultural gala held in honor of May Day

Cultural gala held in honor of May Day

Cuba, Apr 27 – In honor of May Day, a cultural gala was held on April 26 in the Lázaro Peña Theater affiliated with the Cuban Workers’ Federation (CTC). Continue reading