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Florida municipal hospital is ready to treat patients with dengue (+ Audio)

Florida, Aug 18.- At the Manuel Piti Fajardo municipal hospital, in the municipality of Florida, all the conditions are created to attend to febrile cases with suspected dengue warning signs, in correspondence with the updating of the protocols for the treatment of this sickness.

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Florida municipal hospital: an extensive red zone against COVID-19 (+ Audio)

Florida, Sep 7 – The work at the Manuel Piti Fajardo municipal hospital in Florida is described today as very complex, which has become an extensive red zone in the middle of the difficult situation created by COVID-19 in this Camagüey demarcation.

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Patient care areas are reorganized in Municipal Hospital and other institutions (+ Audio)

Florida, June 30.- A special medical area with 34 admission capacities was enabled at the Manuel Piti Fajardo Municipal Hospital in Florida for the care of patients with confirmed and high-risk COVID-19 with suspicious symptoms.

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Municipal Hospital recognizes support from other entities in the current contingency

Florida, Apr 14.- The board of directors of the Manuel Piti Fajardo general clinical-surgical-teaching hospital of the municipality of Florida thanked the unconditional support of the Communal and Aqueduct and Sewerage units in the battle it develops against the COVID pandemic -19 and to support the rest of the services of attention to the town.

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The guarantee of hospital services is prioritized in Florida (+ Audio)

Florida, Feb. 20.- With 148 beds available for patient care and in the midst of an incessant battle against the COVID-19 pandemic, the Manuel Piti Fajardo General Hospital in the municipality of Florida guarantees service to the people every day. Continue reading

Reinforce preventive measures at Florida Municipal Hospital (+ Audio)

Florida, Jan 18.- The main health institution in the Florida territory, the Manuel Piti Fajardo municipal hospital, also takes up and reinforces the prevention and confrontation measures against the COVID-19 pandemic planned for the Third phase of the Recovery.

Reinforce preventive measures at Florida Municipal Hospital Dr. Alberto Abascal Santana, maximum representative of the Manuel Piti Fajardo municipal hospital in Florida, summarizes the commitment of this group to the new outbreak of the pandemic, in the report that the journalist Pedro Pablo Sáez Herrera presented to the informational programming of Radio Florida .

Florida Municipal Hospital; where the battle for life does not stop (+ Photos)

 Florida, Jun 3.- The municipality of Florida has a solid infrastructure of more than 80 centers for the provision of public health services to the more than 69,000 inhabitants of the territory and neighboring towns, among which the General Hospital stands out. Commander Manuel “Piti” Fajardo teacher, an institution that has maintained an efficient work in the midst of the Cuban battle against COVID-19, with the purpose of guaranteeing here the quality of life of all the people. Continue reading

Holguin hospital receives new equipment

Holguin hospital receives new equipment

Holguin hospital receives new equipment

Holguin, Apr 20 – Vladimir Ilich Lenin Hospital in the province of Holguin will extend its services to the population in 2017 with the installation of new medical equipment that will benefit oncology, neonatology and obstetrics patients, among other specialties. Continue reading