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Humanism, equal rights and rationality, pillars to defend life (+ Audio)

Florida, Sep 8 – The management of seriously and critically ill patients affected by COVID-19 and other pathologies demands every day to seek health care strategies over and above the deficiencies and other difficulties imposed by the economic, commercial and financial blockade of the United States or caused by internal contingencies such as the recent failure in the availability of medicinal oxygen throughout the country.

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Motel Deportivo center where humanism and solidarity were not isolated (+ Audio

Florida, Oct 19.- The Florida Sports Motel was one of the four isolation centers enabled in the municipality of Florida to attend to suspects of COVID-19, during the critical stage of the pandemic; Of the 34 workers at the center, 16 are women who as waitresses, shop assistants or receptionists and with unlimited dedication, attended to the 15 groups of people who were isolated there. Continue reading

Gladys Roca Olazábal; the humanism and solidarity that distinguishes it (+ Audio)

Florida, Aug 1st.- For Floridian Gladys Roca Olazábal, 35 years of work in the public health sector have tremendous meaning in the experience of a life that went through several moments and took her from a central to a Nursing Home and other health institutions in the territory. Continue reading

Cuban Medical Services Benefit Over 60 Nations

Cuban Medical Services Benefit Over 60 Nations

Cuban Medical Services Benefit Over 60 Nations

HAVANA,  Nov 8  – Cuba’s experience in highly competitive medical services and products, an achievement backed by the scientific-technical development and the humanism of its professionals, gets today to over 60 nations. Continue reading