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Visions of a Quixote

Visions of a Quixote

Visions of a Quixote

Camagüey, May 11st – I envy yesterday. Of the reality of others, of the origin of all. Of the years where my country was forged, where the foundations of what we are today were warmed up, of the History made by men and not letters, where the facts are alive and not printed. Continue reading

Radio Cadena Agramonte: timely and skilful in the art of saying

By Moraima Borges

No sound is more attractive on Camagüey’s dial as “El Mayor” (The Major) composed by Silvio Rodriguez and summarized in vibrant chords that for over five decades have identified a radio station not accidentally named after Camaguey’s main hero, Ignacio Agramonte. Continue reading