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Florida advances in the implementation of measures to promote agricultural production

Florida, Jan 20.- The municipality of Florida advances in the implementation of the 63 measures arranged by the Cuban government to stimulate agricultural production and recognize those who excel in the implementation of the Food Program in each place.

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Municipal Government Assembly analyzed implementation of the Housing Policy

Florida, May 25.- The adequate implementation of the Housing Policy, considered as a strategic line of the Cuban Government, was one of the essential issues addressed during the ordinary session of the Municipal Assembly of People’s Power held this Sunday in Florida.

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Ordering Task: the quality of the bread worries and occupies (+ Audio)

Florida, Jan 11.- The implementation of the Ordering Task responds, among others, to the intersectoral nature that is achieved in each territory to pave the way for the success of such an important process. Continue reading

Implementation of the Ordering Task progresses in Florida

Florida, Dec 26.- The municipality of Florida advances step by step in the implementation of the provisions of the Ordinance Task, launched with the objective of achieving monetary and exchange unification, transforming the distribution of the population’s income in the referring to salaries, pensions and social assistance benefits, eliminating excessive subsidies and undue gratuities and correcting the price system at the state and private levels. Continue reading

Implementation of the Basal Project encourages good agricultural practices in Florida

Florida, Nov 10 – The implementation of the Project of Environmental Bases for Food Sustainability (BASAL) in agricultural areas of southern Florida, is part of the concrete action in this municipality to face from science the effects of climate change and rationalize the use of natural resources. Continue reading