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The local economy demands an increase in exports (+Audio)

Florida, Jan 14.- The increase in exports is one of the essential requirements to improve the local and national economy.

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Work is underway in Florida to increase the recovery of Raw Materials

Florida, Jan 10.- The population received more than two million pesos from the sale of waste in the Base Business Unit (UEB) for the Recovery of Raw Materials of the municipality of Florida, during the past year 2022.

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Florida Urban Farm Committed to Increase Food Production

Florida, Jan 9.- Urban, suburban and family agriculture constitutes one of the ways to multiply food production in Florida and also has the transcendental mission of contributing to the decrease in the prices of agricultural products, from the increase planting and harvesting of root vegetables, vegetables, fresh condiments and medicinal plants, and respect for what is established in the regulations for agricultural marketing.

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Florida beekeepers defend strategies to increase their production

Florida, Oct 11.- The beekeepers of the municipality of Florida advance in the search to increase here the production of honey, beeswax, propolis, pollen and royal jelly, as exportable items and for national consumption of high economic value and income generators. for the country and for breeders.

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Florida education sector works to increase food production (+ Post)

Florida, Apr 8.- Administrators from local educational institutions met at the José Luis Tassende special school in Florida for the purpose of exchanging good practices in food production.

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Floridian communist militancy called to increase the fight on Social Networks.

Florida, Feb 7.- “The communist militancy of Florida is called to recognize and disseminate more effectively and systematically, by all possible means, the feats that the Cuban people perform every day to defend and advance the immense work of the Revolution ”.

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Azumat livestock module seeks to increase its productions

Florida, Jan 31.- Some 300 fattening bulls and 200 rams make up the main mass of the livestock module of the Azumat Various Productions Farm located in the vicinity of the rural community of Las Tusas, in the municipality of Florida, a project that demonstrates the potential of the Socialist State Enterprise in the realization of economic and social plans and programs of the territory and the country.

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Inspectors from the Comprehensive Supervision Directorate increase their actions (+ Audio)

Florida, Aug 6.- More than 3,500 fines have been imposed by inspectors of the Comprehensive Supervision Directorate (DIS) in the municipality of Florida until the first days of August, for infractions related, among others, to non-compliance with hygienic measures -Sanitary and violation of the pricing policy.

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Call in Florida to increase telecommuting

Florida, May 5.- In its most recent working session, the Florida Municipal Defense Council received updated information on the complex situation that the territory presents due to the increase in people infected with COVID-19 during the last week, with a higher incidence in the José Martí, Ignacio Agramonte and La Vallita Popular Councils.

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Florida property tax revenue is projected to increase.

Florida, March 24.- The Florida administration plans to enter this year more than 11 million pesos in property tax for local development, a figure that doubles the one collected in 2020 on one percent of the financial profits of the companies located in the territory. Continue reading