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Inspectors from the Comprehensive Supervision Directorate increase their actions (+ Audio)

Florida, Aug 6.- More than 3,500 fines have been imposed by inspectors of the Comprehensive Supervision Directorate (DIS) in the municipality of Florida until the first days of August, for infractions related, among others, to non-compliance with hygienic measures -Sanitary and violation of the pricing policy.

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Call in Florida to increase telecommuting

Florida, May 5.- In its most recent working session, the Florida Municipal Defense Council received updated information on the complex situation that the territory presents due to the increase in people infected with COVID-19 during the last week, with a higher incidence in the José Martí, Ignacio Agramonte and La Vallita Popular Councils.

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Florida property tax revenue is projected to increase.

Florida, March 24.- The Florida administration plans to enter this year more than 11 million pesos in property tax for local development, a figure that doubles the one collected in 2020 on one percent of the financial profits of the companies located in the territory. Continue reading

The number of positive cases in Florida due to Covid-19 increases.

Florida, March 1 .- At the end of this February 27, new positives to Covid-19 are reported in #Florida, and there are 35 confirmed cases this week in this municipality. Continue reading

El Paraíso increases some of its productions

Florida, Jan 27.- The food-producing unit El Paraíso, belonging to the self-consumption system of Otero, encourages the recovery of some lines aimed at raising pigs and poultry, including bananas, and although with reduced figures, the effort marks a beginning in search of higher volumes at later dates. Continue reading

Floridians called to increase housing construction for subsidized families (+ Audio)

Florida, Dec 29.- From 2012 to date in Florida, the Cuban state has allocated more than 40 million pesos to subsidize 688 families in need of a comfortable home, and in the calendar that concludes, 80 new homes have been built to benefit the same number of families in social and economic disadvantage in this municipality. Continue reading

Sports professionals aspire to increase the number of practitioners by 2021 (+ Audio)

Florida, Dec 24.- During the year that is ending, marked by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sports and Physical Culture professionals undertook important missions to support the various actions aimed at protecting the health and well-being of the village. Continue reading

We are activated to increase food production (+ Audio)

Florida, Nov. 3 .- This was stated by Lázaro León Izquierdo the president of Cooperativa de Creditos y Servicios Alejandro Sánchez from the municipality of Florida, one of the peasant bases that contributes with its effort to fulfill the mandate of increasing food production for the people. The details in the following interview that the journalist Pedro Pablo Sáez Herrera presented to the Radio Florida news program.

They call to increase and diversify the offers in organopónicos and intensive orchards

Florida, Jul 24.- The Urban, Suburban and Family Agriculture movement in the municipality of Florida also defends the operation of the 17 organopónicos and intensive orchards that are located in different popular councils of the territory, with the aim of contributing to food self-sufficiency. in the current situation. Continue reading

Florida sugar mills increase their actions in the recovery phase of COVID-19 (+ Audio)

Florida, Jul 21.- Workers in the sugar sector of the municipality of Florida redouble their efforts these days in planting sugarcane and also participate in other tasks related to food production. Continue reading