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Getting vaccinated and maintaining care: essential to cut the chain of infections (+ Audio)

Florida, Jul 9.- All the conditions are created for certification regarding the health intervention process in the adult population, which serves 1,367 patients of the Centro Urbano popular council of the municipality of Florida.

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New preventive measures against the increase in COVID-19 infections in Florida

Florida, May 13 – The high contagiousness shown by COVID-19 during the current Limited Autonomous Transmission Phase in the municipality of Florida does not allow for the neglect of social indiscipline and health surveillance, nor does it allow lowering the state requirement on the compliance with preventive measures against the dangerous virus in this municipality.

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Discipline and perception of risk, premises to stop the chain of infections (+ Audio)

Florida, May 7 – The increase in the number of people infected with COVID-19 in the January 4 distribution of the municipality of Florida demands greater responsibility for compliance with the sanitary hygienic measures indicated by the Public Health direction.

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