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Repair and maintenance of educational institutions advance in Florida

Florida, Oct 3.- In four educational institutions of the municipality of Florida, the repair and maintenance actions planned for the current period have been completed to date, which were carried out by the workers of the Education Supply and Services Company (EPASE).

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The work of the cultural institutions of Florida in Ecured will be promoted

Florida, Sep 30.- To promote the cultural work of Floridian institutions and the history they treasure, the Union of Informatics of Cuba (UIC), together with specialists from the Municipal Culture Sector and the Comunicarte Project, will publish new audiovisual content to the Ecured Collaborative Encyclopedia.

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Public Health Institutions in Florida alert to possible diversion of drugs (+ Audio)

Florida, Sep 12.- The illegal sale of medicines at abusive prices in the midst of the economic and epidemiological situation that the country is going through motivates criteria of condemnation and rejection among the Cuban population accustomed for years to receiving health services for free and acquiring at a reasonable cost in the pharmacy network the medicines necessary for the control and cure of diseases.

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Florida Peasant Support Continues to Local Hospital Institutions

Florida, July 3 – The solidarity, altruism and sense of duty of the Cuban people are essential principles to overcome together the current economic and epidemiological situation that the world and the country are going through, in the midst of which hundreds of acts stand out every day of love for the country, of respect for the life of the other and of gratitude for the work of the Revolution.

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New institutions are enabled in Florida as isolation centers (+ Audio)

Florida, Jun 25.- The complex epidemiological situation that the Florida municipality is experiencing with the autochthonous transmission of COVID-19 led local authorities to enable other institutions and add them to those that already exist in the city as isolation centers for people suspected of having the disease or who are contacts of confirmed cases.

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The educational teaching process is maintained in Florida in all institutions (+ Audio)

Florida, Jan 25.- Despite the current epidemiological panorama of the country and the fact that Florida has returned to Phase III of recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic in this territory, the educational teaching process is maintained in all institutions in the sector.

In Florida high schools, in addition to the classes that students receive, activities aimed at preparing those in 12th grade are maintained and they are getting ready to face the entrance exams to Higher Education, as Jenny Rivero Gómez, head of pre-university department in the Education sector in Florida in the report by journalist Marisol León Álvarez for the newsroom of Radio Florida.

Recognized workers and institutions in the educational sector in Florida (+ Audio)

Florida, Dec 28.- Two Florida educators, veteran Martha Alejandra Morgan Soroa, principal of the Leonor Cabrera Elementary School and the youthful Mirelkis Engracio, art instructor of the Camilo Cienfuegos Elementary Education institution, received the Special Recognition from the Ministry of Education for their outstanding performance.

During the municipal act for Educator’s Day, they, along with other workers in the sector, were encouraged; This is how the journalist Marisol León Álvarez tells it in the following report for the Newsroom of Radio Florida.

Florida Cultural Institutions Reopen (+ Audio)

Florida, Jun 27.- The Ministry of Culture, as indicated by the Minister Alpidio Alonso, adopted a group of measures to return to normality and in this first phase of the post-COVID recovery, the institutions that reopened their doors are the Latin America Bookstore, the Rubén Martínez Villena library and the Museum of the city of Florida. Continue reading