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Edelio and Jorge Álvarez, peasants committed to the land and the Revolution (+ Audio)

Florida, Apr 19.- Undoubtedly some epics such as Playa Girón and many others of the Homeland, where Cuban youth with their imprint forged values that constitute an inheritance for their peers in the future.

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Yaimel Corona, a young producer who enjoys getting fruits from the land (+ Audio)

Florida, Apr 14.- Yaimel Corona is a young Floridian who enjoys the pleasure of getting fruits from the land and, in addition to his daily effort, benefits his plot with agroecological products.

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Felino Martínez Gazán, a young farmer in love with the land (+ Audio)

Florida, Feb 27.- Felino Martínez Gazán, is a 27-year-old young man, producer of various crops of the Romárico Cordero Credit and Services Cooperative of the municipality of Florida, an entity where, together with his parents, he also promotes livestock and rice planting .

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Cultivate any piece of land, an imperative for current times

Florida, Sep 26.- It is no secret to anyone: the Cuba we live in today lacks a considerable group of material resources, essential for the full well-being of the majority of those who decided to burn the ships and remain in this port, despite the storms and threats imposed on the country’s path to the desired prosperity.

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Task Ordering in Agriculture requires greater attachment to the land (+ Audio)

Florida, Feb 9.- Florida agriculture requires a minimum of resources to achieve the objective of feeding the people, but more than that it demands organization and control of everything that is done on the land, greater capacity and dedication of the managers in the corresponding mission and eliminate vices such as the constant justification of non-compliance without looking for possible alternatives, or the diversion of crops and other lines that should increase the supply in state markets. Continue reading