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Daniel La O Góngora recalls his meetings with Fidel (+Audios)

Florida, Dec. 1.- From José Martí we learned that “Death is not true when the work of life has been well accomplished”; Six years after the physical departure of Fidel Castro Ruz to immortality, many Floridians keep him in his memory and evoke moments in their lives when they were close to the Historical Leader of the Cuban Revolution.

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A comunist party leader from Camagüey evaluated in Florida preparations for the popular referendum (+ Post)

Florida, Sep 23.- Federico Hernández Hernández, First Secretary of the Provincial Committee of the Communist Party in Camagüey, evaluated the conditions created in Florida for the development of the Popular Referendum on the new Cuban Family Code, in a meeting with electoral authorities and representatives of the political and mass organizations of the territory.

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Farmer leader ratifies political position of Floridian farmers

Florida, Aug 19.- “The Floridian peasantry has always been revolutionary and today, as always, despite the difficulties and shortcomings, will continue working to multiply food production and serve the people in any task of the economy and society» .

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Manuel Piti Fajardo Medal rewards the performance of a Florida union leader (+ Audio)

Florida, Jan 10.- During the municipal act for the 63rd Anniversary of the Triumph of the Cuban Revolution, Ms. Yaneisy Ramos Alcántara, secretary of the Health Union in the municipality of Florida, obtained the Manuel Piti Fajardo Medal for more than 20 years of work in a row in the sector.

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Fidel Castro: leader of the Cuban resistance in the special period (+ Audio)

Florida, Aug 10 – Most Cubans who were born in the last two decades may not remember the crudest details of the stage known as the special period in peacetime, which has become one of the most difficult periods of the Revolution and of the life of our people.

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Resultados de traducción Florida participates in online event to honor the historic Leader of the Cuban Revolution

Florida, Nov 26.- The International Youth Encounter “Ideas that are Flags” dedicated to the Leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro Ruz began online with the participation of more than 2,000 organizations from 162 countries and has as its motto “Unity for solidarity , anti-imperialism and anti-neoliberalism: necessary transformation action in times of Covid ”. Continue reading

Party leader evaluates the progress of food production in Florida

Florida, Oct 17.- The productive advance and the planting of food in the Mártires de Granada sugarcane cooperative in the municipality of Florida were appreciated by the first secretary of the Provincial Committee of the Communist Party in Camagüey Ariel Santana Santiesteban, who traveled in that entity more than 15 hectares covered with yucca and plantain destined for self-consumption and for storage in the state system. Continue reading

Fidel Castro Inaugurates Educational Complex in Cuba

Fidel Castro Inaugurates Educational Complex in Cuba

Fidel Castro Inaugurates Educational Complex in Cuba

Havana, Apr 11 – The historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, opened in this capital the Vilma Espin educational complex, media reported today. Continue reading