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New Family Code safeguards the best interests of minors

Florida, Sep 13.- The right to life, survival and development, to participation, non-discrimination and respect for the best interests of children is explicitly endorsed in the new Cuban Family Code , in a full display of support for international criteria and the provisions of the Constitution of the Republic.

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Life story of veteran Floridian fighter Jorge Castro García is exposed (+ Post)

Florida, Apr 12.- The life story of Jorge Castro García, Glory of Cuban Sports, was exposed during the municipal Integrated Community Work workshop held in the Microdistrict of the capital city.

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Quality of life, main objective of the workers of the Florida Nursing Home (+ Audio)

Florida, Dec 18.- The nursing home located in the rural community of La Vallita, in this Florida municipality, defends the quality of life of the 35 older adults who reside in that health entity against the scourge of pandemics and infectious diseases like COVID-19 and others.

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Humanism, equal rights and rationality, pillars to defend life (+ Audio)

Florida, Sep 8 – The management of seriously and critically ill patients affected by COVID-19 and other pathologies demands every day to seek health care strategies over and above the deficiencies and other difficulties imposed by the economic, commercial and financial blockade of the United States or caused by internal contingencies such as the recent failure in the availability of medicinal oxygen throughout the country.

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Enmanuel Fagundo: young nurse for Cuba and for life (+ Audio)

Florida, Aug 12.- Enmanuel Fagundo de la Cruz, is one of the newly graduated young Floridian nurses who work in the healthcare center set up at the Máximo Gómez Báez Pre-university Vocational Institute in the city of Camagüey to care for COVID-19 patients It is a mission with risks, it is true, but also a professional practice that, in addition to providing knowledge, nurtures the student’s expectation of feeling useful after graduation.

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Dennis Campo: “Working here has changed my life” (+ Audio)

Florida, Apr 4.- Dennis Campo is one of the outstanding workers of the Flora and Plant Unit of the municipality of Florida who, regarding the new anniversary of the Union of Young Communists, comments with the journalist Diala González Ramayo about the work he carries out in that entity and ratifies its commitment to continue promoting the tasks in the center.

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Early childhood is the main basis of life (+ Audio)

Florida, Apr 5.- This is how Yanitza Alfaro Ruiz, an educator with 21 years of work in the Mártires de Florida nursery school, agreed to talk with the journalist Marisol León Álvarez about the new work dynamics they assume in this stage of Autochthonous Transmission Limited and the importance of the educational actions carried out in these institutions.

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Young Floridians present in the battle for life (+ Audio)

Florida, Jan 27.- The 72-year-old Floridian Osvaldo Pérez Ibarra and the elderly Blanca Cervantes Rabí are some of the Floridians who have benefited from new decent and comfortable homes built with a subsidy assigned by the municipal government.

They share their joy and satisfaction in the report that the journalist Marisol León Álvarez gave to the Radio Florida news program.

Carlos de Armas: “Education is my life” (+ Audio)

Florida, Nov 27 – Carlos de Armas Chaple, is a Physical Education teacher at José Antonio Echeverría Elementary School, he is one of the educators of this specialty who stood out during the most difficult stage of the Covid-19 pandemic in Florida. More details through the following report from the journalist Marisol León Álvarez.

Young Floridians for Life

Florida, Nov 17 – Covid 19 once again tested the resilience of the Floridian people and especially of a group of young people who in this municipality gave their best, from different sectors, in favor of something so precious how’s life”. The following documentary by journalist Ailen Vargas Abella deals with the subject. Continue reading