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Workers at the Sanitary Transportation Base waste initiatives to save lives

Florida, Apr 13.- The workers of the collective of the Regional Sanitary Transport Base of the municipality of Florida will arrive at May 1 with the pride of putting their Hands and Heart every day to safeguard the life of the people and defend the conquests of the new Homeland .

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Workers of the South Polyclinic committed to the quality of life of the people (+ Audio)

Florida, Jan 25.- The public health system qualifies as one of the most affected sectors by the cruel economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States government against the people of Cuba. However, and in the midst of serious difficulties, men and women in white coats do not give up in their efforts to prevent diseases, cure and save lives.

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Floridian farmers donate blood as a tribute to Fidel Castro

Florida, Nov. 17.- Once again there were multiple motivations from those associated with the blood donor club at Romárico Cordero Garcés Credit and Services Cooperative (CCS), in the municipality of Florida, to attend the new blood donation day developed this Tuesday, where 45 arms were extended to help save human lives and the production of blood products.

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«We will always step forward to save lives» (+ Audio)

Florida, Sep 16.- This is how Rosa María Díaz Zamora, a Nursing graduate, head of the guard of the Leopoldo Rey Sampayo Pediatric Hospital in the municipality of Florida, who received the Labor Hazaña Medal, affirmed that at the proposal of the President of the Republic of Cuba It is awarded to Public Health professionals for their performance in the battle against COVID-19.

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Saving lives with the name of Cuba on the chest (+ Audio)

Florida, Feb 10.- The Bachelor of Nursing Magdarelys Hernández Mariano is part of the Brigade of the International Contingent of Doctors Specialized in Disaster Situations and Serious Epidemics “Henry Reeve” that contributes to save lives against Covid 19 in the Republic of Suriname in what constitutes its third internationalist mission.

About this new experience, the Floridian professional details via Internet the journalist Yunier Soler Castellanos for the informative programming of Radio Florida

“We are anonymous, but we are saving lives” (+ Audio)

Florida, Sep 24.- Emilio Marrero is a man who lives with the satisfaction of having contributed to improve the quality of life of many people; the blood he has donated for 44 years has restored health to many of his similars.

The testimony of this simple and altruistic man is proposed by Marisol León Álvarez to the informational programming of Radio Florida.

Donating blood: a humanitarian act always necessary to save lives (+ Audio)

Florida, Sep 15.-In the Cuban context, it is no secret to anyone that donating blood is a humanitarian, voluntary and altruistic act that, on ethical, scientific and technical grounds, contributes a capital element to life; However, in recent months the impact of COVID-19 on Cuban territory has affected the donation program that governs the Cuban Public Health System, with the decrease in the number of donors at the days that are systematically convened.

The journalist Pedro Pablo Sáez Herrera refers to the subject in the following comment that he proposes to the informative programming of Radio Florida.

Ener Fernández Brizuela; continue saving lives amid tears, gratifications and thanks (+ Audio)

Florida, Apr 16.- Ener Fernández Brizuela, I and II Degree Specialist in Pediatrics in the Florida municipality was one of the first doctors to care for children infected with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus in Camagüey, a routine that he assumed for 14 days knowing that he had to take care of them and take care of himself, above all, to continue saving.