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Florida Peasant Support Continues to Local Hospital Institutions

Florida, July 3 – The solidarity, altruism and sense of duty of the Cuban people are essential principles to overcome together the current economic and epidemiological situation that the world and the country are going through, in the midst of which hundreds of acts stand out every day of love for the country, of respect for the life of the other and of gratitude for the work of the Revolution.

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New Local Development Project will provide income and offers to the population (+ Audio and Photos)

Florida, June 1st.- The La Reina mini-industry takes better shape with the progress in the construction of a first warehouse where one of the production areas of this unit will be enabled, as part of a Local Development Project that unites the initiatives and the capital from self-employed workers and the Florida Municipal Government to generate new contributions to the economy and offers to the population.

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Two Local Development Projects are being executed in Florida

Florida, Dec 28.- In the municipality of Florida, two local development projects are currently being executed with state funding and administrative management from the private sector, in search of new services and offers for the population, as well as monetary profits for the economy of the territory. Continue reading

Severe local storm hit Florida city (+ Photos and Video)

Florida, Apr 30.-A severe local storm hit the city of Florida at around five o’clock yesterday afternoon, with a hail fall and a maximum northwest wind, with a magnitude of 95 km per hour. Continue reading