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Agricultural marketing benefits link markets with Florida production units (+ Audio)

Florida, Nov. 8 .- Little by little Floridians appreciate the favorable awakening of the town’s small squares and agricultural markets, to the same extent that such spaces come to be directly served and supplied by the different productive bases of the territory.

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Florida for making the most of the leasing of markets and squares (+ Audio)

Florida, Oct 20.- Among the benefits promoted by Decree 35 of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Cuba with the aim of increasing food production and stimulating the performance of farmers in general, the possibility of renting markets and small squares stands out. state by the production bases for the direct marketing of various crops and other agricultural lines.

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Linking the peasant bases to agricultural markets will improve the supply of agricultural products (+ Audio)

Florida, August 7.- The shortage situation exhibited in recent times by the State Agricultural Markets of the municipality of Florida has to find a definitive solution in these times when our people demand agricultural products for their daily diet and at times when our fields exhibit a level of production that could be better represented in the state system.

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