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New measures show that the government thinks well in agriculture (+ Audio)

Florida, March 29.- My friends now the words of José Martí come to mind when in one of his articles published in Guatemala when commenting on the actions of the government in that nation, he said: “The country has the firm decision to advance, he is on the right track, he thinks as much about agriculture as he is about politics ”. Continue reading

At La Estrella quality service without neglecting biosafety measures (+ Audio)

Florida, March 15.- The La Estrella unit of the family care system, located in the Argentine popular council of Florida, today carries out its work in conditions completely different from those used by its workers, always complying with the hygienic-sanitary measures imposed for the COVID-19 pandemic. Continue reading

Preventive measures against the new coronavirus increase in North Florida Polyclinic (+ Audio)

Florida, Mar 2.- The increase in the number of infections with Covid-19 in the municipality of Florida, almost a year after the report of the first positive cases of the new coronavirus forces to increase the measures included in the health protocols for both the general population as well as those marching in the front row, including those in charge of conducting active research in neighborhoods and homes. Continue reading

Increase preventive measures in the Elderly Home of La Vallita (+ Audio)

Florida, Feb 12.- In the nursing home located in the La Vallita Popular Council of the Florida municipality, measures are also maintained to avoid any type of event related to the COVID-19 pandemic among older adults covered by that institution and the adjacent community. Continue reading

Florida bakers attentive to compliance with hygienic-sanitary measures (+ Audio)

Florida, Feb. 8-In the bakery “La Panadera” in the city of Florida, like the rest of the entities belonging to the Basic Food Unit, not only ensures the quality of the bread in the regulated family basket, but also compliance with the epidemiological measures established in the entity to avoid COVID-19 or any other disease. Continue reading

Prevention measures increase against COVID-19 in the maternal home (+ Audio)

Florida, Jan 23.- The aggravated presence of Covid 19 in the national territory and the alarming growth of pregnant women, children and adolescents infected by this pandemic make it necessary to adopt all possible measures to face and avoid this phenomenon both in health institutions and in the home itself.
Of the measures adopted at the Amparo Carriera Montes Maternity Home in the municipality of Florida to avoid transmission events due to the new coronavirus, comments its administrator Reinaldo Mesa Romero, in the report by journalist Pedro Pablo Sáez Herrera for the informational programming of Radio Florida.


Reinforce preventive measures in Florida Children’s Hospital (+ Audio)

Florida, Jan 19.- In view of the imminent need to protect children and adolescents from contagion with the Covid-19 pandemic at the Leopoldo Rey Sampayo Pediatric Hospital in the municipality of Florida, prevention measures are reinforced.

And although the impact of an intensified blockade by the US administration strains the work of the health sector, the group of the Florida Children’s Hospital grows in the face of difficulties, with the purpose of saving lives and preventing complications in its patients, as highlighted Dr. Annelis Pérez Rodríguez, director of the institution in the report by journalist Pedro Pablo Sáez Herrera for the informational programming of Radio Florida.

Reinforce preventive measures at Florida Municipal Hospital (+ Audio)

Florida, Jan 18.- The main health institution in the Florida territory, the Manuel Piti Fajardo municipal hospital, also takes up and reinforces the prevention and confrontation measures against the COVID-19 pandemic planned for the Third phase of the Recovery.

Reinforce preventive measures at Florida Municipal Hospital Dr. Alberto Abascal Santana, maximum representative of the Manuel Piti Fajardo municipal hospital in Florida, summarizes the commitment of this group to the new outbreak of the pandemic, in the report that the journalist Pedro Pablo Sáez Herrera presented to the informational programming of Radio Florida .

We only have one obligation, to comply with hygienic sanitary measures (+ Audio)

Florida, Jan. 14.- The continued increase in the number of positive cases, the low perception of risk and the constant violations of sanitary hygiene measures to confront COVID-19 cause the current complication that the country is experiencing with the re-outbreak of the pandemic. Continue reading

Measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 are reinforced at the Florida Hotel

Florida, Jan 13.- At the Florida Hotel, measures are adopted in accordance with the epidemiological situation of the municipality to prevent the spread of Covid-19, as explained by Misley Ramos Rojas, director of the tourist center, who announced the decrease to 50 percent of the clients visiting the Ranchón El Caney. Continue reading