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Refinery of Ignacio Agramonte power plant, the second most productive in the country (+ Audio)

Florida, Feb 15.- Ignacio Agramonte refinery constitutes a bulwark of the Florida economy, the province and the country, and its permanence in an active way must be defended for multiple reasons, to which engineer Ángel Abreu Díaz refers , head of sugar manufacturing in that industry, in the report by journalist Pedro Pablo Sáez Herrera.

The most outstanding workers of the provincial company of Grains are recognized(+ Photos)

Florida, Jan 31.- Gustavo Roque Rubio, who works at the Base Business Unit (UEB) of Otero Agricultural Productions in this municipality, obtained the status of most outstanding young worker of the year 2022 at the Ruta Invasora Provincial Grain Company.

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Florida Culture house, the most prominent in Camagüey (+Post)

Florida, Jan 16.- The Luis Casas Romero House of Culture in the city of Florida was recognized as the most outstanding in the province for the results of the work carried out by the artists, Art Instructors and other workers of the institution during the year 2022.

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Eric Walter Esquivel the most comprehensive graduate of the University Center of Florida (+ Audio)

Florida, Jan. 18.- The young archery coach, Eric Walter Esquivel, was recognized as the most comprehensive graduate of the Florida Municipal University Center in the most recent graduation ceremony of that educational institution.

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