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Nursery school, a guarantee of safety for the children of working mothers (+ Audio and Photos)

Florida, Mar 31.- The care of children in infant school during the Limited Autochthonous Transmission Phase due to the spread of Covid-19 is essential for the good performance of working mothers and fathers, who feel the security that their children are protected in these institutions. Continue reading

Municipal Housing Program benefits Florida mothers

Florida, Mar 22.- More than 100 mothers from the Florida municipality with three or more children were treated last year in the Municipal Housing Program, to improve their living conditions, in correspondence with one of the priorities of the Demographic Policy National and social assistance in Cuba to stimulate the birth rate. Continue reading

Children of working mothers are cared for by the Camilo Cienfuegos school (+ Audio)

Florida, March 16.- Since the autochthonous transmission phase was decreed for the municipality of Florida due to the spread of COVID-19, the education sector has enabled two educational institutions to care for the children of working mothers who work in essential jobs . Continue reading