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Educational institutions of the communities in transformation of the municipality of Florida are repaired

Florida, Dec. 2.-The repair of several educational institutions located in the communities in transformation of the municipality of Florida is among the main actions carried out this year by the maintenance brigade of the Education sector.

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Tasks that cannot be postponed for young sugar growers of the municipality of Florida (+ Audio)

Florida, Nov. 19.- Florida remains a municipality whose economy depends fundamentally on agricultural and sugar cane production. Defending both programs is vital in the current situation, to save and to save us all.

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Sugar refining continues to be important for the municipality

Florida, Aug 3.- The agro-industrialists of the Ignacio Agramonte sugar mill in the municipality of Florida face the challenge of manufacturing more than 43 thousand tons of refined sugar in the current 2022 campaign, a commitment that demands effort, a sense of belonging and the will to win on the part of of the aforementioned group.

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Activate vector control in the municipality of Florida (+ Audio)

Florida, Dec 20.- The fight against the Aedes aegypti mosquito did not stop for a single moment in the municipality of Florida, even in the midst of the crudest stage of the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus, and the workers of the anti-vector campaign They deserve the recognition of all the people together with the commitment to accompany them in a responsible way in their social mission.

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Florida municipality with the highest incidence rate of SARS-CoV-2 in Camagüey

Florida, Aug 5.- With more than 1,270 autochthonous COVID 19 infections confirmed during the last 15 days, Florida maintains a trend of increasing virus transmission and at the end of this August 3 is the municipality with the highest incidence rate of the pandemic in the province of Camagüey.

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Housing Directorate aspires to improve the housing fund of the municipality

Florida, Feb 24.- Perfecting the system of attention to the population in the municipal Housing office is part of the work objectives of this sector in Florida for this year 2021 with the intention of improving the quality of its services. Continue reading

Favored reservoirs of the municipality with the recent rains

Florida, Nov 23.- The rainfall that occurred in Florida during the current season notably favors the main reservoirs of the municipality, and places them in a position to guarantee the volumes of water necessary to face the different food production programs in their respective areas. Continue reading