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Young Florida boxers enter the National Center for High Performance (+ Audio)


Florida, Jan 9.- With the dream of representing Cuba in future international events, two young boxers from the municipality of Florida join one of the National High Performance Centers in the city of Havana at the beginning of this year, where they will study high school and strengthen their athletic preparation.

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Rumba Laroye, 10 years in defense of Afro-Cuban traditions

Florida, Jan 7.- The folkloric group RumbaLaroye from the municipality of Florida, reached its tenth anniversary on January 6 and to celebrate it they will develop a program of activities that will last until next Tuesday the 17th.

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2022: year of good results for Florida sports (+ Audio and Photos)

Florida, Dec 20.- After two years almost stopped due to the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, in 2022 national and international events returned, and Florida sports were represented in various competitions, with young talents that shone within and out of the country.

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Florida commemorates the 61st anniversary of the landing of the Granma

Florida, Dec 3.- Officers, soldiers and civilian workers of the Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR) commemorate this December 2 the 61st anniversary of the creation of this prestigious military institution, which after the revolutionary triumph of January 1959 is guarantor of the defense of the sovereignty of the national territory.

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Florida Stable Committee Recognized as National Vanguard (+Audio)

Florida, Oct 15.- For the second time in recent years, the members of the Committee for the Defense of the Revolution number 11 of the Rolando Valdivia Popular Council, of the municipality of Florida, obtain the status of National Vanguard for the fulfillment of all the indicators that measure the actions of the largest mass organization in the country.

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Balancing process advances in rural entities of Florida

Florida, Oct 14.- The peasant sector of the municipality of Florida advances in the Process of Balance, Renewal and/or Ratification of the mandate of its boards of directors as part of the national program promoted here by the municipal directorate of Agriculture and planned to be developed in all cooperatives in the agricultural branch.

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Results of medalist Floridian athletes recognized in national school and youth competitions

Florida, Sep 19.- In this 2022 the athletes of the territory of Florida contributed to the medal table of the province of Camagüey in the National Youth Championships, five gold medals, the same number of silvers and four bronze medals, according to the report of the Directorate of the Municipal Sports Sector.

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Directors of the national peasant organization exchanged with presidents of Florida cooperatives

Florida, Sep 15.- Presidents of the peasant bases of the municipality of Florida, together with the highest representation of this productive force in the territory, held a meeting with national and provincial directors of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) where they addressed various issues of the leading role of men and women in the productive, sociopolitical and internal functioning spheres.

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Floridian baseball player Anniel Ugalde debuted in the U23 national series

Florida, Aug 5.- Floridian Anniel Ugalde debuted as the starting catcher and second batter for the team from the Camagüey province in the seventh National Baseball Series for children under 23 years of age, a tournament that began this Tuesday, August 2 throughout the country.

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President of the Republic declares National Day of Mourning

Given the profound pain of our people, following the lamentable accident at the Hotel Saratoga, this past May 6, in which 44 compatriots and a Spanish citizen lost their lives, and the conclusion of rescue and salvage efforts, the President of the Republic has decreed a National Day of Mourning, from 6:00 pm May 13 until 12 midnight May 14.

During the designated time period, the solitary star flag will be raised half mast at all public buildings and military institutions