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Enable new hospital admission capabilities in South Florida Polyclinic (+ Audio)

Florida, Jun 28.- At the South Polyclinic “Concepción Agramonte Bouza” in Florida, new medical services and beds were enabled for patients due to the need in this municipality to increase hospital admission capacities amid the current outbreak of COVID-19 .

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New institutions are enabled in Florida as isolation centers (+ Audio)

Florida, Jun 25.- The complex epidemiological situation that the Florida municipality is experiencing with the autochthonous transmission of COVID-19 led local authorities to enable other institutions and add them to those that already exist in the city as isolation centers for people suspected of having the disease or who are contacts of confirmed cases.

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New Day of Integrated Community Work in Florida (+ Photos)

Florida, Jun 14.- With a tribute for the birthdays 176 of Antonio Maceo and 93 of Ernesto Che Guevara, the Integrated Community Work Program We Are Continuity began this Sunday in constituency 13 of the Rolando Valdivia Popular Council of the municipality of Florida.

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New company will close the cycle of the sugar industry in El Agramonte (+ Audio)

Florida, May 26.- At the Ignacio Agramonte plant in the municipality of Florida, the new Sugar Company is constituted, which was born from the merger of three basic business units: Attention to Agricultural Producers, Industry and Derivatives, a topic that is being analyzed these days in meetings in which all the workers involved participate.

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New municipal sugar companies: an important link for the sugarcane-sugar recovery

Florida, May 22.- The sugar producers of the municipality of Florida, like those of more than 50 other sugar mills and sugar cane areas of the country, are currently facing a decisive process that seeks not only to multiply the production of the grass and its derivatives, it claims, on all, to rescue the role of the Socialist State Enterprise and safeguard the successful existence, the source of employment and the community life in a determining sector in the socio-economic development of the territory.

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Loving You makes me well; new theme song by Duo D&M (+ Audio)

Florida, March 15.- The D&M Duo, made up of Floridians Dairon Bauta and Meylin Sánchez, has just released the promotional video of the song Amarte makes me good on Social Networks. Continue reading

Citizen Portal new communication channel between the government and the people (+ Audio)

Florida, Feb 12.- The most appreciated form of communication in Cuba between representatives of local governments and the people continues to be that of personal and community exchange. Continue reading

We are attentive to new provocations

What happened this Wednesday, January 27, in front of the headquarters of the Ministry of Culture in the city of Havana, was another crude provocation without any spirit of respectful dialogue. Continue reading

Florida basic high schools assume new school organization (+ Audio)

Florida, Jan. 19.- Based on the complex epidemiological scenario presented by the Florida municipality this Monday, January 18, the basic high schools of the Florida municipality assumed a new school organization.

On the subject, the Master in Sciences Adrian García, Head of the basic secondary educational level in the municipal direction of Education, offers details in the interview that he granted to the collaborator Luis Ortiz Chaviano for the informative programming of Radio Florida

Measures for the new normal stage are specified in Florida

Florida, Oct 14 – In the composition of the Temporary Working Group, the highest political and governmental authorities of Florida pointed out this Tuesday with the representatives of the different subgroups, the main measures to maintain control over the pandemic and mitigate the global effects of COVID -19 and the Blockade of the United States government in the local economy. Continue reading