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The Nursing home, is the best thing that could have happened to me (+ Audio)

Florida, Jan 5.- This was stated by the Florida grandmother Aleida Ávila Hernández, one of the people who benefited from the nersing home program in the municipality of Florida, one of the good experiences in caring for the elderly that should multiply and consolidate to ensure healthy aging.

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Isabel Exposito Moreno; the lady who vaccinates with love (+Audio)

Florida, Aug 27.- Nursing graduate Isabel Expósito Moreno works at the vaccination center located at Manuel Fajardo elementary school in the municipality of Florida, where minors between the ages of two and 11 are given a booster dose of Soberana Plus to prevent infection with COVID-19.

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Quality of life, main objective of the workers of the Florida Nursing Home (+ Audio)

Florida, Dec 18.- The nursing home located in the rural community of La Vallita, in this Florida municipality, defends the quality of life of the 35 older adults who reside in that health entity against the scourge of pandemics and infectious diseases like COVID-19 and others.

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Florida Nursing House Reopens (+ Audio)

November 2021.- Healthy joy and protection against COVID-19 today constitute the best news that is generated from the Casa de Abuelos Primero de Octubre in the municipality of Florida, a health institution that reopened after almost two years of the physical distancing imposed by the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.

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Increase preventive measures in the Elderly Home of La Vallita (+ Audio)

Florida, Feb 12.- In the nursing home located in the La Vallita Popular Council of the Florida municipality, measures are also maintained to avoid any type of event related to the COVID-19 pandemic among older adults covered by that institution and the adjacent community. Continue reading

San Antonio nursing home increases care (+ Audio)

Florida, Feb 6.- José Martí said it: “There is nothing more beautiful than loving the elderly; respecting them is the sweetest pleasure … On the street we should take off our hats when an elderly person passes by ”… but in the current epidemiological situation in the face of the fight against Covid-19, this group demands the greatest possible protection of the family and the rest of the institutions of Cuban society. Continue reading