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Public Health Personnel more protected to combat the pandemic

Florida, June 30.- Medical personnel and Public Health workers in the municipality of Florida are currently facing the largest outbreak of COVID-19 experienced in this territory, with superior security and strength from having in their organism doses of Cuban vaccine candidates.

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Cuba needs everyone to defeat this pandemic

Florida, May 5.- The confirmation of more than 50 autochthonous infections during the last 15 days and 22 open virus transmission foci in Florida, reflect an incidence of COVID-19 in this municipality that is classified as high risk for the population .

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Beware: the pandemic is not a thing of the past (+ Audio)

Florida, Jul 13.- The Municipality of Florida was one of the four in the province of Camagüey where positive cases were reported to Covid-19, and it even has one of the largest quarantined areas in the country, when the Argentine People’s Council was closed due to the online presence of five positive cases of Sars CoV-2, a virus that has killed thousands of people around the world. Continue reading

We continue united against infamy and pandemic


Florida, May 27.- Friends, who said that everything was lost? Who dared to think that Cuba was unable to face and overcome the new challenge of a pandemic that has changed lives around the world, infecting millions and causing the death of thousands of human beings, especially among dispossessed men and women. of the most basic rights in different countries?
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Alexis Ortiz: young protagonist in times of pandemic

Florida, May 19.- The Covid-19 not only changed the perception of the reality of the people that inhabit the world, but it also transformed work habits for many. The young Alexis Ortiz, a Physical Education specialist at the Conquista People’s Council, comments on the work he is doing these days in an interview by Luis Ortiz Chaviano, a collaborator with Radio Florida.