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Floridians will pay tributes to those who gave their lives in Operation Carlota (+Post)

Florida, Dec 7.- The Floridian people pay tribute to the combatants who fell on African lands, as part of the commemoration of the 126th anniversaries of the fall in combat of General Antonio Maceo and the 33rd anniversary of Operation Tribute.

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Floridians with disabilities pay tribute to José Martí (+ Audio)

Florida, Jan 31.- With the intention of signifying the greatness of the most universal of all Cubans of the 19th century, to commemorate the 169th anniversary of his birth, a discussion was held on the life and work of José Martí among members of the associations disabled in Florida.

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Florida student groups will pay tribute to José Martí

Florida, Jan 12.- Motivated by the 169th anniversary of the birth of Cuban Apostle José Martí Pérez, the Pioneer organization that bears his name, pays tribute to him by carrying out various activities in each student group to remember the great friend of children .

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Young Floridians from the groove pay tribute to Maceo and Che (+ Audio)

Florida, June 15.- The agricultural work carried out by young Floridians this Sunday, June 14, was marked by the tribute to Antonio Maceo on the 175th anniversary of his birth and 92 of Che Guevara, who was also the founder of volunteer work in Cuba. .
With the report the journalist Ailen Vargas Abella for the information system of Radio Florida