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Linking the peasant bases to agricultural markets will improve the supply of agricultural products (+ Audio)

Florida, August 7.- The shortage situation exhibited in recent times by the State Agricultural Markets of the municipality of Florida has to find a definitive solution in these times when our people demand agricultural products for their daily diet and at times when our fields exhibit a level of production that could be better represented in the state system.

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Florida Peasant Support Continues to Local Hospital Institutions

Florida, July 3 – The solidarity, altruism and sense of duty of the Cuban people are essential principles to overcome together the current economic and epidemiological situation that the world and the country are going through, in the midst of which hundreds of acts stand out every day of love for the country, of respect for the life of the other and of gratitude for the work of the Revolution.

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Peasant Association and Ministry of Agriculture awarded results of Florida cooperatives (+ Photos)

Florida, Oct 30.- The national leadership of the National Association of Small Farmers and the Ministry of Agriculture presented the credit and service cooperatives (CCS) Romárico Cordero and Ernesto Che Guevara of the municipality of Florida, two recognitions for their outstanding participation in the political-productive movements that the country defends for the agricultural sphere. Continue reading

Floridian Peasant Awarded with the Antero Regalado Distinction

Florida, Aug 3.- “I am proud to be a country woman and to be able to represent and guide the rest of the farmers of the Romárico Cordero Credit and Service Cooperative, knowing that we work together to fulfill the task of producing food for the people in the midst of the battle to recover the country’s economy. ” Continue reading

Floridian peasants ratify their commitment to food production (+ Audio)

Florida, Jul 22.- The farmers of the Florida municipality responded positively to the assembly process developed in the cooperatives of the territory in search of increasing their productive contribution and delivering a greater quantity of food to the population in this recovery phase of COVID- 19, for which the sowing rates of various crops increase. Continue reading

Peasants with advances in planting programs sugarcane

Peasants with advances in planting programs sugarcane

Peasants with advances in planting programs sugarcane

Florida, Aug. 20  –  Cane production units belonging to the peasant sector of the municipality of Florida maintain an acceptable situation in the development of their colonies.

Entities such as cooperatives Abel Santamaria, Frank País, and Manuel Piti Fajardo, have growth projections in the delivery of priority for incoming raw materials as a result of the efforts in the cleaning work, fertilizing and watering to bioestimulantes plantations. Continue reading