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Florida peasants support health intervention process with Abdala (+ Audio + Post)

Florida, Jul 21.- Peasants linked to the Ernesto Che Guevara cooperative contribute to the development of the health intervention process in the Rodolfo Ramírez Esquivel popular council of the municipality of Florida.

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With blood donations, Florida peasants celebrate Cuban victory at the UN.

Florida, June 25.- A total of 56 blood donations was the figure with which the enthusiastic call of this type concluded at the Romárico Cordero credit and services cooperative (CCS) of the municipality of Florida, in greeting to the new victory of the Cuban people in the resolution against the blockade presented to the United Nations General Assembly.

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Local peasants reward the first mother who gave birth on May 17 (+ Audio)

Florida, May 31.- A young Floridian family that was the first to see their child born by natural birth on May 17 received a gift basket in the name of the local peasantry, as a reward for having brought their baby into the world right in the date on which the 60th anniversary of the constitution of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) was commemorated.

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Florida peasants must honor the May 17 anniversary with production.

Florida, May 7.- The best welcome from the peasants of the Florida municipality to the 60th anniversary of the political organization that groups them should be linked this year with the fulfillment of most of the State’s orders, to guarantee the feeding of the people in the current situation and the country’s agricultural sovereignty.

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Peasants from the cooperative Mártires de Granada increase food production

Florida, Oct 27.- The group of the Agricultural Production Cooperative (CPA) Mártires de Granada, from the municipality of Florida, works not only to guarantee the delivery of sugarcane in the nearby harvest, but also to fulfill the commitments made in the food production plan of the territory. Continue reading

Floridian peasants join the construction of houses (+ Audio)

Florida, Jul 21.- The construction of houses is one of the priority tasks in these times and all the social actors join it to contribute with their effort to materialize the goal of housing improvement foreseen by the country. Continue reading

Floridian peasants respond with more production to the country’s call (+ Audio)

Florida, Jul 15.- The farmers of the municipality of Florida respond to the call of the country’s leadership to increase the planting of food, vegetables and grains, to guarantee an increase in food production for the people in this post COVID-19 recovery phase.  Continue reading