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Pediatric vaccination in Florida benefits young athletes (+ Post)

Florida, Sep 23.- The Sports family in the municipality of Florida highly values ​​the possibility of reinforcing the protection of its youngest talents against COVID-19, through the National Vaccination Program for pediatric ages, in the that also in this municipality children and adolescent athletes are immunized.

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Pediatric vaccination process is being carried out with satisfaction in Florida (+ Audio)

Florida, Sep 21.- The children linked to the Educate your Child program in the municipality of Florida received with joy the first dose of the Cuban Soberana 02 vaccine.

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Florida Pediatric: “Our goal is to provide quality medical care to all” (+ Audio)

Florida, Jun 5.- The Leopoldo Rey Sampayo pediatric hospital in the Municipality of Florida has a highly trained medical and nursing staff with the mission of protecting the lives of the infants of the territory and the neighboring towns of Esmeralda and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes . Dr. Annelis Pérez Rodríguez, director of the entity, explains the work dynamics of the center in the following report by Pedro Pablo Sáez Herrera, journalist for Radio Florida