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Immunity of adolescents and young people with Sovereign Plus is reinforced in Florida.

Florida, May 4.- As of this Tuesday, May 3, students between 12 and 18 years of age in the municipality of Florida begin to be vaccinated with a booster dose of the Cuban immunogen Soberana Plus.

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“Young people are always going to take the step forward” (+ Audio)

Florida, Jan 24.- This is how Leosvany Díaz Sosa, a young worker at the Sorbitol Plant in the municipality of Florida, linked to the production of paint, expressed, who offered details about his experience in that Florida industry when interviewed by the journalist Ailen Vargas Abella.

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“We are the voice of the people and the representatives of citizen justice” (+ Audio)

Florida, Jan 22.- This was stated by the Social Work Technician Iliana Casas Bermúdez, coordinator of the House of Orientation for Women and the Family belonging to the Federation of Cuban Women, has been working as a lay judge of the Municipal Court of Cuba for 15 years Florida.

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Guillermo Peláez Iglesias; we do our best to satisfy the people (+Audio)

Florida, Jan 15.- Engineer Guillermo Peláez Iglesias, Head of Operations of the Basic Electrical Unit in Florida, offered statements to Journalist Yunier Soler Castellanos about the effort of this group forced to resort to innovations to materialize their social mission.

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Floridian people welcomed the Freedom Caravan (+ Post)

marked the beginning of the Cuban Revolution 63 years ago, with the passage through the territory of the Caravan of Liberty, this time made up of Outstanding young people from the different socioeconomic sectors of the province of Camagüey.

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Deserved tribute of the Florida people to the heroes and martyrs of the Homeland (+ Audio + Post)

Florida, Dec. 7.- Once again, the heroes and martyrs of the homeland received in Florida the tribute of the grateful people during the commemoration here of the XXXII anniversary of Operation Tribute, in which relatives of those killed by the defense were present, along with to the political and governmental authorities of the territory, accompanied by a representation of youth and student organizations of the locality.

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Mayderlan Hernández Álvarez, hairdresser and caregiver of people affected by SARS-CoV-2 (+ Audio)

Florida, Sep 9 – The battle against COVID-19 has protagonists everywhere, the most outstanding of every day, the deserving of nourished and endless applause are our doctors and outstanding collaborators in the red zone, in neighborhoods or in centers of isolation, but there are also dozens of anonymous people who, according to the Little Prince, above all prefer to be useful.

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Minindustria La Reina already produces food for the people

Florida, Aug 5.- The La Reina mini-industry collective, still in the phase of construction completion and assembly of its manufacturing infrastructure, processes on the fly and some of its fruit and vegetable-based products already constitute new offers for the population in the municipality of Florida.

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Our responsibility with the people is to work¨ (+ Audio)

Florida, March 26.- Mr. Raúl Tan Casas, is the nurse at the Family Medical Office number 34 belonging to the northern health area of the city of Florida. Continue reading

Hugo Chávez: a man of the people (+ Audio + Photos)

Florida, Mar 5.- Today I am not going to write to the president, nor to the commander, today I want to write to my friend, and not to say goodbye, but simply see you later. Continue reading