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Floridian poet Elena Obregón will participate in an international event dedicated to the Naborí Indian

Florida, Aug 4.- The Floridian poet and writer Elena María Obregón Navarro was invited to participate in the First Ibero-American Congress of the Tenth and Improvised Verse, which will take place from September 28 to 30 in the Cuban capital, in the context of the celebration of the tenth anniversary of the declaration of Repentismo as Intangible Cultural Heritage of the nation.

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Caridad de la Torre Sequeira, a prominent Floridian poet.

Florida, March 16.- Caridad de la Torre Sequeira is a Floridian woman, a lover of poetry, a cultivator of Marti’s ideology and with a long history in the movement of amateur artists in the territory.

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Centennial of Eliseo Diego, one of the great poets of Latin America (+ Audio)

Florida, Jul 2.- This July 2 commemorates the centenary of the birth of the Cuban Eliseo Diego Fernández-Cuervo, one of the greatest poets of Cuba and Latin America who deserved in 1986 the National Prize for Literature. Continue reading

The Cucalambean Meeting Comes Back

The Cucalambean Meeting Comes Back

The Cucalambean Meeting Comes Back

The major event of Cuban country culture returns for a week to its usual venue of Las Tunas full of activities dedicated to Juan Cristóbal ”El Cucalambé” Nápoles Fajardo, the poet who inspired it all

Cuba, July, 13 – The Fourth kicks off on Thursday June 26 in Las Tunas, where it will run until July 1st, with the participation of artists and scholars from Cuba and over a dozen countries and the people from Las Tunas. Continue reading