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Government authorities analyze behavior of demographic policy in Florida (+Photos)

Florida, Sep 17.- With detailed information on the sociodemographic situation of the municipality of Florida, the meeting began at the local government headquarters, which included specialists on the subject at the national level.

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Employment Policy benefits more than 520 Floridians so far this year.

Florida, Jul 19.- The municipality of Florida complies to the letter with the provisions of the Employment Policy promoted by the country, in response to what was agreed in the Constitution of the Republic of Cuba, where it is stated that every person in condition to work has the right to access a decent job, in correspondence with their choice, qualification, aptitude and demands of the economy and society.

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Cuban Foreign Minister denounces US policy against Cuba and Venezuela

Cuban Foreign Minister denounces US policy against Cuba and Venezuela

Cuba, Jul 13 – Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla denounced in his official Twitter account the persecution of White House advisors against commercial operations between the Caribbean island and Venezuela. Continue reading

US Isolated in Its Policy against Cuba

US Isolated in Its Policy against Cuba

Cuba, Jun 1st – Washington is today totally isolated in its policy against Cuba, said the general director of the United States Directorate of the Cuban Foreign Ministry, Carlos Fernández de Cossío, in an appearance on national television the eve. Continue reading