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Developed in Las Parras Popular Council of Florida Community Work Workshop.

Florida, Feb. 25.- The First Community Work Workshop held at Las Parras Rural People’s Council, convened experiences related to food production through Family Farming programs, valued examples of collective participation in confronting the COVID-19 and opened a space for the exhibition of crafts and crafts made in the area during the stage of social isolation imposed by the pandemic.

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Floridian students will support popular consultation of the Family Code Project (+Audio and Post)

Florida, Jan 21.- More than 140 10th grade pre-university students in Florida will collaborate with the Municipal Electoral Council during the popular consultation meetings on the New Family Code Project.

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Florida is getting ready for popular consultation on the new family code (+ Audio)

Florida, Oct 23.- In the municipality of Florida, a training program is already underway for electoral authorities and support groups that will organize and lead the popular consultation process on the new family code.

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Miguel Barrueto Arce brings the cream (+ Audio)

Florida, Oct 20.- That Miguel Barrueto Arce is a notable and popular musician, no one doubts it, his years in the artistic work guarantee a whole life devoted to music.

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Inhabitants of the Argentine popular council recognize the importance of vaccination with Abdala (+ Audio + Post)

Florida, Jul 30.- The application of the second dose of the Cuban vaccine Abdala marches successfully in the Argentine popular council of the Florida municipality during this week in which more than 8,000 residents of this demarcation will be immunized.

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The popular response to vaccination has been favorable (+ Audio)

Florida, Jul 19.- The health intervention process carried out in the municipality of Florida, as part of the confrontation with COVID-19 in Cuba, benefits from the efforts of numerous men and women who voluntarily support and organize participation citizen in vaccination.

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Las Parras popular council evaluates strategy to combat COVID-19

Florida, Jun 28.- The most recent working session of the Temporary Group for the prevention and confrontation of COVID-19 in the Las Parras Popular Council of the municipality of Florida included in its analysis agenda fundamental issues to guarantee the quality of life of the totality of the inhabitants of the rural demarcation.

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Older adults of the Argentine popular council ready for health intervention (+ Audio)

Florida, Jun 15.- The elderly of the Argentine popular council will be immunized in a few days with the vaccine candidate Abdala, in a health intervention process that began with Public Health workers and other social sectors linked to the confrontation with the Pandemic of COVID-19.

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the operation of the XISCOP Popular Consultation System is veryfied in Florida.

Florida, March 18.- The authorities and specialists of the IT department of the Florida Municipal Electoral Council are currently checking the operation of a new website for communication with higher levels and the dispatch of all the necessary information in real time. Continue reading

Cultivate your little piece, a popular movement gaining followers in Florida (+ Audio)

FloridaFlorida, Dec 26.- There are many Floridians who responded to the call of the largest mass organization in the country, which called on Cubans to cultivate their little piece and thus contribute with food production to improve the family economy. Continue reading