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Preparations are checked in Florida to elect Governor and Lieutenant Governor of Camagüey (+Post)

Florida, May 23.- The electoral authorities of the municipality finalize the organizational details for the election of the positions of governor and lieutenant governor of the province of Camagüey this Sunday, May 28, a process that takes place in a session of the Municipal Assembly of People’s Power, where the candidacy proposed by the President of the Republic of Cuba is submitted to the approval of the delegates.

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Congressman for Florida comments on Social Communication Bill (+Audio)

Florida, May 20.- The deputies of the National Assembly of People’s Power in Cuba interconnected by videoconference this week to analyze and debate from each province of the country on the Social Communication Law project, a norm that will be analyzed in the second extraordinary session of that legislative body in the current mandate period.

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Food sovereignty and nutritional security demand the participation of all

Florida, Apr 27.- The Action Plan approved by the Municipal Assembly of People’s Power of Florida for the implementation here of Law 148 of Food Sovereignty and Nutrition Security contains challenges that demand responsibility, agricultural culture and systematic control in order to overcome them and advance in the consolidation of the transcendental regulations.

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Floridian children and adolescents faithful collaborators of the national elections

Florida, Mar 23.- More than a thousand pioneers and students of Higher Secondary Education will be linked to the 136 electoral colleges set up in the municipality of Florida for the legislative elections on March 26 where they will be able to elect the members of the National Assembly of the Popular Power in its X Legislature.

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Preparations for the general elections continue in Florida (+ Audio)

Florida, Mar 19.- The dynamic test prior to the election of the deputies to the National Assembly of People’s Power is carried out throughout Cuba, to verify the correct functioning of the communication and transportation mechanisms, and the performance of the electoral authorities .

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Florida committed to successfully organize and develop the next elections

Florida, Mar 2.- José Martí said that «The government is a popular order; the people give it; and to your satisfaction it must be exercised; His will must be consulted, according to his aspirations, listen to his needy voice, never return the power received against the trusting hands that gave it to us and that are the true owners of that government.”

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Young people and women make up the list of candidates for Deputy

Florida, Mar 2.- On March 26, the Cuban people are summoned to go to the polls to cast their vote for 470 candidates for Deputies, who will make up the 10th Legislature of the National Assembly of People’s Power.

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Refinery of Ignacio Agramonte power plant, the second most productive in the country (+ Audio)

Florida, Feb 15.- Ignacio Agramonte refinery constitutes a bulwark of the Florida economy, the province and the country, and its permanence in an active way must be defended for multiple reasons, to which engineer Ángel Abreu Díaz refers , head of sugar manufacturing in that industry, in the report by journalist Pedro Pablo Sáez Herrera.

New delegates of Popular Power are trained in Florida (+Post)

Florida, Dec 9.- In Florida, a process of training newly elected delegates began to represent the interests of the 80 constituencies of the territory in the Municipal Assembly of People’s Power for the next term of this local government body.

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The State Unit of Various Productions of Otero assumes the administration of the municipal Zoo

Florida, Oct 4.- The direction of the State Unit of Various Productions of Otero, in the municipality of Florida, will assume from now on the administration of the municipal Zoo, in order to restore vitality to the infrastructure of that enclosure and generate new options recreational for the families of the demarcation.

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