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José Martí, is present in the new generations of Floridians (+ Audio)

Florida, Jan 27.- At the elementary school in Florida that bears the name of the Cuban National Hero, his values and the example bequeathed to the new generations of Cuban men and women are remembered.

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Florida values the actions of the Cuban Association of Physically-Motor Handicapped

Florida, Dec 24.- In a recent meeting held by the members of the Cuban Association of Physically-Motor Limited Persons (ACLIFIM) of Florida, various aspects related to the internal functioning of the organization and problems present in society, with repercussions on life of associate staff were evaluated.

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The memory of José Martí present in Floridian children

Florida, May 19.- Floridian children reflect the legacy of José Martí, a historical personality who, due to his merits as a tireless revolutionary and fervent defender of the country that saw him born, earned the title of National Hero.

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Floridian peasants will be present at the proletarian party on May 1 (+ Post)

Florida, Apr 25.- “The peasants of the municipality will arrive on May 1st with the ratification of the inescapable commitment to continue producing for the people despite the shortages caused by the pandemic and the intensified imperialist economic blockade, in the midst of a battle to reduce the abusive prices of agricultural food and its impact on the pocket of the working class”.

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Vilma is present in Floridian Grisel Sánchez García´s memory (+ Photos and Audio)

Florida, Apr 7.- This day marks the 92nd birthday of Vilma Espín Guillois, the eternal president of the Federation of Cuban Women; Grisel Sánchez García, a former official of the organization in Florida, who had the opportunity to meet and hear Vilma speak, comments on the firmness and capacity of this woman and assures: “I met her on an occasion when she visited the province of Camagüey and He exchanged with all the compañeras who were members of the secretariat”.

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Young Floridians present in economic, political and social tasks (+ Audio)

Florida, Dec 23.- For young Floridians, the year 2021 has been a stage of met challenges, a lot of work and commitment to the present and future of the Cuban nation, their participation in each task was vital in the confrontation with the pandemic of the COVID-19, a demonstration that the new generations of Floridians and Cubans can be counted on tomorrow and forever.

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Fidel’s legacy present in the young lawyers of Florida (+ Audio)

Florida, Dec 4.- Throughout his entire life, the leader of the Cuban Revolution always acted in accordance with moral principles and legal norms, which marked his actions regardless of the social framework in which he lived.

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Four years after his physical death, Fidel present in the Cuban youth (+ Audio)

Florida, Nov. 13.- The physical disappearance of Commander Fidel Castro Ruz was a source of sadness for the Cuban people; In our days the study of the life and work of the leader is of great importance to train the new generations.

This is stated by teachers and junior high school students from the Florida municipality in the report by Marisol León Álvarez, a journalist from the Information Department of Radio Florida.

Beware: the pandemic is not a thing of the past (+ Audio)

Florida, Jul 13.- The Municipality of Florida was one of the four in the province of Camagüey where positive cases were reported to Covid-19, and it even has one of the largest quarantined areas in the country, when the Argentine People’s Council was closed due to the online presence of five positive cases of Sars CoV-2, a virus that has killed thousands of people around the world. Continue reading

We have been present on all the battle fronts of our revolution (+ Audio)

Florida, Jun 25.- Committed to their time and to the current economic and epidemiological situation in the country, the young Floridians mark the advance of the economic and social work of the territory and are the majority in the current popular mobilizations for the planting of sugarcane and various crops in different areas of the municipality. Continue reading