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Authorities in Florida call to multiply preventive actions against crime

Florida, Oct 1.- Multiply crime prevention actions in neighborhoods and communities of the municipality of Florida and face this scourge with greater resolution, unity of factors and support of the people themselves, was the call made here by the Provincial Directorate of the Ministry of the Interior together with the authorities of the Communist Party and the local government.

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New preventive measures against the increase in COVID-19 infections in Florida

Florida, May 13 – The high contagiousness shown by COVID-19 during the current Limited Autonomous Transmission Phase in the municipality of Florida does not allow for the neglect of social indiscipline and health surveillance, nor does it allow lowering the state requirement on the compliance with preventive measures against the dangerous virus in this municipality.

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Preventive actions are intensified in the neighborhood 4 de Enero (+ Audio)

Florida, May 8 – The complex situation presented by neighborhood 4 de Enero of the city of Florida, where an increase in the number of infections with COVID-19 and the consequent sequel of contacts is reported, motivates the intensification of hygienic actions to stop the chain of infections.

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Florida Communal workers reinforce preventive measures (+ Audio)

Florida, May 7 – The budgeted Communal unit in the municipality reinforces sanitary measures in the provision of its services due to the rise in new infections of COVID-19.

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Reinforce preventive measures in Florida Children’s Hospital (+ Audio)

Florida, Jan 19.- In view of the imminent need to protect children and adolescents from contagion with the Covid-19 pandemic at the Leopoldo Rey Sampayo Pediatric Hospital in the municipality of Florida, prevention measures are reinforced.

And although the impact of an intensified blockade by the US administration strains the work of the health sector, the group of the Florida Children’s Hospital grows in the face of difficulties, with the purpose of saving lives and preventing complications in its patients, as highlighted Dr. Annelis Pérez Rodríguez, director of the institution in the report by journalist Pedro Pablo Sáez Herrera for the informational programming of Radio Florida.

Reinforce preventive measures at Florida Municipal Hospital (+ Audio)

Florida, Jan 18.- The main health institution in the Florida territory, the Manuel Piti Fajardo municipal hospital, also takes up and reinforces the prevention and confrontation measures against the COVID-19 pandemic planned for the Third phase of the Recovery.

Reinforce preventive measures at Florida Municipal Hospital Dr. Alberto Abascal Santana, maximum representative of the Manuel Piti Fajardo municipal hospital in Florida, summarizes the commitment of this group to the new outbreak of the pandemic, in the report that the journalist Pedro Pablo Sáez Herrera presented to the informational programming of Radio Florida .

They call for extreme preventive measures in the current cyclonic season

Florida, June 2.- The official start on June 1 of a new cyclonic season implies being even more informed about the weather situation, and increasing actions to clean channels and ditches, and at the same time working in each home to reinforce ceilings as far as possible. Continue reading

Preventive actions with older adults of the Argentine People’s Council are increased

Florida, Apr 14 ,. The deep active house-to-house investigation, strict medical surveillance and constant attention to the health status of the elderly are epidemiological prevention actions during the quarantine of the Argentine People’s Council of the municipality of Florida, where about two thousand people over 60 years of age and an event of local community transmission of COVID-19 is reported.
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