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Work priorities for the restart of the school year in Florida are defined (+ Audio)

Florida, Sep1.- Complying with hygienic measures within educational institutions to ensure the well-being of students and workers is included among the priorities of the Education sector in Florida, once the school year restarts next Monday.

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The government of Florida ratifies work priorities for the current stage

Florida, Apr 9.- The continuation of the improvement process of the Local Bodies of People’s Power, the link with the base through the Somos Continuidad community work program and attention to the most vulnerable families are priorities for the highest body of the Government in Florida Township.

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Epidemiological situation and food production: priorities of these times in Florida

Florida, Sep 29.- Strengthening epidemiological surveillance to prevent outbreaks of COVID-19 and increasing production and services to improve the local economy are objectives to be met in unison to successfully face the current contingency and guarantee the well-being of the people.

This was evaluated by the delegates of the Florida municipality in the XXI ordinary session of the Assembly of People’s Power and Yunier Soler Castellanos outlines  in the following report.