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Attention to the infertile couple, a priority of Public Health in Florida (+ Info-graphic)

Florida, Jan 24.- Care for infertile couples remains among the priorities of the Public Health system of the municipality of Florida for 2023, as a response to the policy of the State and the Cuban Government to confront low birth rates and Accelerated aging of the Cuban population.

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Protection of the Maternal and Child Care Program remains a priority in Florida

Florida, Oct 3.- The protection of pregnancy and maternity remains a priority of the Cuban social system in the municipality of Florida based on the unequivocal compliance with regulations and agreements arranged to achieve the normal development of both processes in working women.

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Vocational training, priority in secondary school in La Tomatera

Florida, May 25.- With an enrollment of 130 students and 30 teachers, in the urban basic high school (ESBU) Julio Antonio Mella, located in the rural community of La Tomatera, in the municipality of Florida, vocational training actions are prioritized.

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Continuity of studies of students in grade 9 priority of the educational sector

Florida, Nov 11.- The process of continuity of studies of the 604 9th grade schoolchildren in the municipality of Florida is part of the priorities of the lower secondary education level when the school period resumes in person on Monday, November 15.

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Give continuity to the Life Task: a priority in the municipality of Florida

Florida, Feb 26.- More than 40 actions were planned in Florida to give continuity in 2021 to the implementation of the Life Task in the municipal plan to confront climate change, with emphasis on the need to minimize environmental risks and revive the natural ecosystems. Continue reading

Use of water resources, a permanent task

Florida, Aug 14.- The hydraulic work of the Cuban Revolution responds to the priority of storing as much fresh water as possible and to the state’s will to guarantee service to the people as a citizen’s right, as well as to optimize the use of natural resources in the economic activities of the nation. Continue reading

Supplying school canteens a priority for the educational sector in Florida (+ Audio )

Florida, Jun 11 The farm next to the Basic Secondary School in the Antonio Maceo field is one of the places that the education sector in the municipality of Florida has where responsibility and the sense of belonging of its workers prevail, committed to producing food for the students and the workers of the center and advance in this program of the Revolution. This is how journalist Marisol León Álvarez tells it in the following report for the informative programming of Radio Florida.

Fostering School Gardens a priority in Florida (+ Audio)

Florida, May 22.- The production of food from school gardens is a priority for the educational sector in the municipality of Florida to guarantee food in school canteens and contribute part of its productions to other institutions in the municipality. Yaima Rodríguez, administrative assistant director of the Tania La Guerrillera primary school, comments on the subject in the following report by Marisol León, from the information services of Radio Florida.

Supporting Needy Families: A Priority in Florida (+ Photos and Audio)

Florida, Apr 27.- The Cuban Government, as part of its demographic policy, provides differentiated social and economic attention to single mothers with three or more children. Continue reading

In Camagüey will be given priority to the short-cycle crops in fields

In Camagüey will be given priority to the short-cycle crops in fields

In Camagüey will be given priority to the short-cycle crops in fields

Camagüey, Sep 28 – Executives of the Camagüey´s affiliate of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) take preservation measures for the sustainable management of land and promote the planting of short-cycle crops, with the aim of mitigating the negative effects of hurricane Irma in this province. Continue reading