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Floridian farmers ratified the commitment to continue producing for the people (+ Post)

Florida, March 12.- “An insecure man does not walk and a peasant who is not clear about leadership and the contractual and legal processes that involve him is paralyzed; For this reason, it is urgent to define responsibilities on each front of Agriculture so that farmers do not waste time and work, are well informed about the benefits they receive, and feel increasingly committed to the economy and with support for the principles and values ​​of the Revolution.

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Producing high-quality grain seeds: a challenge for Florida researchers (+ Audio + Post)

Florida, June 18.- The innovative capacity and scientific experience of the collective of the Territorial Sugar Cane Research Station (ETICA) in Florida, will also be in charge of producing high quality grain seeds to contribute to sovereignty municipality and country food.

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Lusmán Hernández Serrano: the important thing is to continue producing for the State (+ Audio)

Florida, Nov 19.- Lusmán Hernández Serrano is one of the best rice producers of the cooperative Ruta Invasora of the municipality of Florida. On his results and productive commitments in the year that is ending, he gave details in an interview with journalist Pedro Pablo Sáez Herrera for the informational programming of Radio Florida.

Producing more food is the current task of the homeland (+ Audio)

Florida, May 29.- The promotion of various crops and all other possible agricultural production constitute tasks of the first order to guarantee the food of the people and safeguard the well-being of Cuban society against the current global contingency in the health and economic fields; Ariel Santana Santiesteban, president of the Defense Council in the province of Camagüey, argued this to Floridian peasants. The following report of  Yunier Soler Castellanos refers to the subject in the following for the informative programming of Radio Florida.