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Despite the difficulties, Industria Locales de Florida fulfills production plans (+ Audio)

Florida, Sep 25.- The workers of the workshops linked to Local Industries of the Florida municipality maintain the productive rhythms of construction materials and other items, tasks to which they now add the preparation of sanitary clothing for Public Health personnel who works in isolation centers enabled in the territory.

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The renewal process of livestock production contracts began

Florida, June 9.- The farmers of the Las Parras popular council of the Florida municipality began the day before the process of renewing the contract for their productions under the new terms and benefits included in the first measures put into effect by the Cuban government to promote and stimulate the country’s agri-food program.

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Florida Shirt Factory Collective maintains production process (+ Audio)

Florida, May 19.- Respecting the measures established to prevent an outbreak of COVID-19 in the entity, the workers of the Florida Shirt Factory maintain the production process to fulfill the commitments agreed with the different institutions of the province.

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Florida peasants must honor the May 17 anniversary with production.

Florida, May 7.- The best welcome from the peasants of the Florida municipality to the 60th anniversary of the political organization that groups them should be linked this year with the fulfillment of most of the State’s orders, to guarantee the feeding of the people in the current situation and the country’s agricultural sovereignty.

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Felicia Orrelis, a federated who contributes to food production (+ Audio)

Florida, Mar 18.- Felicia Orrelis is a prominent federated member of the rural community of San Antonio, south of the municipality of Florida, who in the most recent edition of the We Are Continuity Community Work Program was stimulated by her contribution to social work and her back yard  food production Continue reading

Florida production bases committed to the reforestation plan of the year

Florida, Feb. 19.- Several entities linked to the Agricultural Company of the municipality of Florida assume fundamental tasks of the Reforestation Plan of 2021, with the obligation to carry them out before October 31 as the deadline of the forest rehabilitation schedule. Continue reading

The production of sweets is extended to other units of the municipality (+ Audio)

Florida, Feb 16.- The productions of the La Luz candy store, belonging to the Food Company in the municipality of Florida, are in high demand among the city’s population. Continue reading

Agroecological practices, determinants to increase food production (+ Audio)

Florida, Feb. 11.- Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez assured it these days, “agriculture and food production in the country must be affected this year also by the lack of resources …”, therefore the search for Local alternatives and farmers’ own experiences must be at the forefront to achieve the proposed objectives. Continue reading

Promote food production, a call that has a response in Florida (+ Audio)

Florida, Feb 1st.- The call to increase the planting of food products in each piece of idle land has a positive response in the municipality of Florida where neighbors come together to grow vegetables and fruit trees useful for family consumption.

This is confirmed by the journalist Ailen Vargas Abella in the following report that includes the testimony of Andrés Moya and Osvaldo Cardoso Bartolomé, residents of the José Martí Popular Council who are committed to food production.

Floridian farmers committed to increasing food production for the people

Florida, Jan 30.- The process of balancing the work developed by the grassroots organizations of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) in 2020 concluded in the municipality of Florida with more than 96 percent participation of associates and commitment of the sector to advance in its fundamental task: to produce food for the people. Continue reading