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Floridian cooperative Alberto Becerra assumes new productive challenges in 2022 (+ Audio)

Florida, Jan 24.- The Alberto Becerra credit and services cooperative of the municipality of Florida began 2022 fulfilling several political assignments but also fired last year with favorable results in different productive assignments for the stage.

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Facing COVID-19, Florida farmers maintain their productive commitment (+ Audio)

Florida, Sep 9.- Even though COVID-19 has also penetrated the agricultural lands of the Florida municipality, the peasants of the territory maintain their determination to produce food for the people.

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El Paraíso productive pole already provides the first fruits (+ Audio)

Florida, July 8.- Thousands of arms, wills and popular consciences joined the sugar agriculture workers in the implementation of the banana production pole known as El Paraíso in the municipality of Florida.

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Florida aquaculture workers maintain good productive rhythm

Florida, May 19.- The Acuiflor Business Unit (UEB) in the municipality of Florida marches with favorable results in the fulfillment of its production plan in this first fortnight of May.

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In Las Martinas productive greeting to April 4

Florida, Mar 30.- The Basic Cooperative Production Unit (UBPC) Las Martinas, belonging to the sugarcane-sugar system of central Argentina in the municipality of Florida, was the host this Sunday of a gigantic popular mobilization for the planting of various crops, day that concluded with a political-cultural event in greeting to the 8th Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba and the anniversaries of the two most important youth organizations in the country. Continue reading

Floridian cigar makers overfulfill productive and economic plans (+ Audio)

Florida, Jul 23.- The collective of the Rolando Valdivia Tobacco Factory in the municipality of Florida remains as compliant with its productive and economic plans, despite the impact of COVID-19.
This was explained by Misleydis Ramírez Núñez, director of the entity in an interview with Marisol León Álvarez, for the informative programming of Radio Florida.

Completion of studies and productive activities: prioritized at the basic secondary educational level (+ Audio)

Florida, Jun 30.- Since the first phase of the post-COVID-19 stage began in the educational sector, several activities have been carried out related to the continuity of the 2019-2020 school year.
The Master in Sciences Arian García, Head of the level of basic secondary education in the municipality, expands the information in the following report by collaborator Luis Ortiz Chaviano for the information services of Radio Florida.

My patio is also productive (+ Photos)

Florida, May 29.- The patio of my house is particular, it rains and gets wet like the others. This is stated in a children’s song, but the patio of my house is also a land from which we obtain various foods for the family support. Continue reading

Beekeeping in Camagüey seeks to strengthen their commitments productive

Beekeeping in Camagüey seeks to strengthen their commitments productive

Beekeeping in Camagüey seeks to strengthen their commitments productive

Camagüey, Dec 20.- Camagüey´s Beekeepers will close the year with the delivery of 490 tonnes of honey, although this sector was severely damaged by the impact of hurricane Irma last September. Continue reading