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Gelania Cabrera Morales, is the distinguished beekeeper of the municipality of Florida (+ Audio)

Florida, May 18.- Noted for the figures of honey, wax and propolis that she collects every year, the veteran Gelania Cabrera Morales, is the distinguished beekeeper of the municipality of Florida.

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Florida packing company is recognized with the Placa Centro 1ro de Mayo (+Post)

Florida, Apr 25.- During the municipal act for International Workers’ Day held at the Tomás Rojas Rodríguez Packing Plant in Florida, the special recognition For the Paths of Agramonte was given to José Salvador Rivero Casellas, for his performance as director of that Unit Base business of the territory.

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Refinery of Ignacio Agramonte power plant, the second most productive in the country (+ Audio)

Florida, Feb 15.- Ignacio Agramonte refinery constitutes a bulwark of the Florida economy, the province and the country, and its permanence in an active way must be defended for multiple reasons, to which engineer Ángel Abreu Díaz refers , head of sugar manufacturing in that industry, in the report by journalist Pedro Pablo Sáez Herrera.

Floridian unit “La Década” promotes food production.

Florida, Nov. 16.- The breeding of dark-coated pigs, rams and poultry are an important part of the productive activity of the unit, with the meat obtained from these animals in the processing center sausages, mince meats and croquettes are made with destined for domestic and foreign consumption.

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Mini-industry La Reina in Florida effectively achieves productive linkages

Florida, Nov. 16.- La Reina mini-industry achieves productive linkages with local and foreign entities as alternatives for food production and import substitution, given the lack of necessary raw materials.

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Amado Moya Lage promoter of productive patios in Florida (+ Audio)

Florida, Oct 3.- Amado Moya Lage is a Floridian who is also dedicated to food production with the aim of contributing to family self-sufficiency and joins the list of those dedicated to increasing productive Patios.

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The collective of Florida Shirt Factory keeps a good productive rhythm

Florida, May 30.- The labor group of the Shirt Factory of the municipality of Florida, made up mostly of women, complied with its production plan at the end of the first quarter of the year, as reported by Lis Amanda Rondols Fernández, director of the industry .

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Cane sowing: productive challenge for the agro-industrial sugar company Ignacio Agramonte

Florida, Apr 14.- The workers involved in planting cane at the Ignacio Agramonte y Loynaz sugar agro-industrial company in the municipality of Florida have the challenge of covering some 1,440 hectares during the current year, and to achieve this they must manage smartly the insurance of the tasks that support the ambitious plan.

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Floridian peasants demand to revitalize the productive movements of the sector (+ Audio and Post)

Florida, Feb 22.- The peasants of the municipality asked the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) of the country, to immediately revitalize the advanced productive movements that set the standard at the national level in fundamental tasks such as milk production, planting and the rice harvest, pig farming and the promotion of various crops, among others.

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Floridian farmers summoned to improve their productive results (+Photos and Posts)

Florida, Feb 11.- The municipality of Florida needs to raise and comply with each of the agricultural purposes planned for 2022, with the aim of improving the economic indicators of the territory and satisfying the demands of the people in this important sphere.

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