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Lázara Carrasco Española: 38 years of experience in the teaching profession

Florida, Dec 15.- At the Enrique José Varona school in the municipality, the powerful voice of the teacher Lázara Carrasco Española stands out daily, she feels satisfied with the profession she chose:

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María Isabel Uriarte; better profession that this one could not have chosen

Florida, Dec 13.- María Isabel Uriarte Rodríguez is a Floridian pedagogue and researcher who works as a Methodologist of Spanish and Literature in the municipal sector of Education; More than 20 years linked to teaching are sufficient endorsement to recognize her work in the current Educator’s Day.

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Yudislay Pérez Ramos, an art instructor in love with her profession (+ Audio)

Florida, Mar 31.- Yudislay Pérez Ramos is a young art instructor from the José Martí Brigade, to whom her love for music came from an early age. Continue reading