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Manzanillo Community hosted the provincial edition of the We Are Continuity Community Work Program (+ Photos)

Florida, Jun 20.- The residents of the rural community of Manzanillo, in the municipality of Florida, welcomed this Saturday the activities of the provincial edition of the Community Work Program We Are Continuity, a space to evaluate the behavior of the main public services and recognize those who contribute the most based on the collective good.

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In Florida, new edition of the Community Work Program “We are Continuity” (+ Post)

Florida, Apr 12.- The 74th edition in the Florida municipality of the #SomosContinuidad “Community Work Program took place this Sunday in the Rolando Valdivia Popular Council constituency 26, where residents, in addition to evaluating possible solutions to their problems, sanitized and they adorned their neighborhoods with special motivation in greeting to the day.

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Current epidemiological situation and agricultural program are evaluated in Florida (+ Audio)

Florida, Mar 27.-The current epidemiological situation and the behavior of the food production and sale programs in the municipality of Florida were evaluated here by the Directorate of the Defense Council in the province of Camagüey. Continue reading

Florida maintains strict vigilance over the maternal and child care program.

Florida, Mar 27.- In the municipality of Florida, strict vigilance is maintained on the Maternal and Child Care Program of the territory, a commission that in the midst of the battle against COVID-19, does not hesitate in the care of the pregnancy and the pregnant woman , guarantees institutional delivery and protects the quality of life of the mother and the newborn. Continue reading

Municipal Housing Program benefits Florida mothers

Florida, Mar 22.- More than 100 mothers from the Florida municipality with three or more children were treated last year in the Municipal Housing Program, to improve their living conditions, in correspondence with one of the priorities of the Demographic Policy National and social assistance in Cuba to stimulate the birth rate. Continue reading

Florida does not hesitate in defense of the Mother and Child Program

Florida, Mar 4 – In the midst of the intense battle to defeat the transmission of the new coronavirus Florida does not  hesitate in the defense of the Maternal and Child Program, based on the surveillance of pregnancy, the care of the mother and the newborn, prevention diseases through a schedule that includes more than 13 vaccines and the sustained alert on the care of infants in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic. Continue reading

Playa Florida resuscitation program demands environmental vision.

Florida, Feb 20.- Everything that is done these days in the coastal community of Playa Florida must be in environmental harmony with the Life Task, the state plan to confront climate change. Continue reading

New edition of the We Are Continuity Community Work program in Florida

Florida, Jan. 9.- The voters of the eight constituency in the José Martí popular council of the city of Florida enthusiastically welcomed a new municipal edition of the Integrated Community Work Program We Are Continuity. Continue reading

Infertile couple care program shows progress in Florida

Florida, Jan 8. Among the results highlighted by the Public Health System of the municipality of Florida at the end of 2020 included care for the infertile couple, a program that offers here the possibility of obtaining offspring through the support of a multidisciplinary group made up of experts from various specialties medical. Continue reading

We Are Continuity Program shows its worth in Florida

Florida, Oct 23.- The possibility of establishing a direct exchange with the people and the mobilization in the same space of the local administrations to learn about the needs of the neighborhood and attend to them, validates the Community Work Program We Are Continuity in Florida, to starting from the solution with resources of aging problems and the improvement of services. Continue reading