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Julio Antonio Mella School prioritizes food sovereignty program

Florida, May 23.- The food sovereignty program is included among the priorities of the group of workers from the Julio Antonio Mella urban basic secondary school (ESBU) of the Rodolfo Ramírez Esquivel Popular Council, of the municipality of Florida.

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Execute maintenance to offices of the Family Doctor and Nurse Program

Florida, March 18.- Nine clinics linked to the Family Doctor and Nurse Program located in the county of Argentina, Agramonte and Ibarra, and in the seaside community of Playa Florida are currently receiving maintenance actions to guarantee greater comfort for patients, specialists and care to people in these institutions.

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Resolved in Florida more than 300 topics issued in the Program We Are Continuity (+Photos)

Florida, March 16.- In the territory, more than 300 proposals from the population have been resolved to date based on government analyzes and administrative actions, derived from the meetings of the Integrated Community Work Program We Are Continuity.

As reported in the Municipal Administration Council, the number of solutions given at the end of February represents 56 percent of the total proposals of the Floridian population from this type of community exchanges, which have been developed here since the year 2019.

Since then, there have been more than 100 editions of the We Are Continuity community activities program in the municipality of Florida, eight of them chaired by the highest political and governmental authorities of the province of Camagüey.

Of these community meetings, more than 500 proposals from the population have been registered to date, most of them referring to problems of water supply, deterioration of the hydraulic and sanitary networks, lack of public lighting, streets and roads in poor condition, and insufficient options. transportation and gastronomic offers.

As revealed by the Municipal Administration report, at the end of February, a total of 319 proposals from the Somos Continuidad Program were resolved in Florida, which represents 56 percent of the total demands of Floridians in these community exchanges.

Educational institutions that contribute to the food sovereignty program are recognized in Florida

Florida, Jan 4 – With the intention of encouraging the food sovereignty program in the educational sector of the municipality of Florida, several outstanding educational institutions were recognized during the year 2021, when despite the epidemiological situation they worked to advance in this regard.

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Educate your child program prepares the family to educate infants (+ Audio)

Florida, Dec 15.- The Educate Your Child Program will be 30 years after its creation in Cuba in January 2022 with the intention of preparing the family to develop skills in children.

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Educate your Child program guarantees the full development of infants (+ Audio)

Florida, Dec 11 – Floridian mother Anayibi Santo-Domingo Aróstedi appreciates the possibility that the Educate Your Child Program offers her to show that her little Melany, like all children, can have a full development and enjoy the benefits of the educational system in Cuba.

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Manzanillo Community hosted the provincial edition of the We Are Continuity Community Work Program (+ Photos)

Florida, Jun 20.- The residents of the rural community of Manzanillo, in the municipality of Florida, welcomed this Saturday the activities of the provincial edition of the Community Work Program We Are Continuity, a space to evaluate the behavior of the main public services and recognize those who contribute the most based on the collective good.

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In Florida, new edition of the Community Work Program “We are Continuity” (+ Post)

Florida, Apr 12.- The 74th edition in the Florida municipality of the #SomosContinuidad “Community Work Program took place this Sunday in the Rolando Valdivia Popular Council constituency 26, where residents, in addition to evaluating possible solutions to their problems, sanitized and they adorned their neighborhoods with special motivation in greeting to the day.

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Current epidemiological situation and agricultural program are evaluated in Florida (+ Audio)

Florida, Mar 27.-The current epidemiological situation and the behavior of the food production and sale programs in the municipality of Florida were evaluated here by the Directorate of the Defense Council in the province of Camagüey. Continue reading

Florida maintains strict vigilance over the maternal and child care program.

Florida, Mar 27.- In the municipality of Florida, strict vigilance is maintained on the Maternal and Child Care Program of the territory, a commission that in the midst of the battle against COVID-19, does not hesitate in the care of the pregnancy and the pregnant woman , guarantees institutional delivery and protects the quality of life of the mother and the newborn. Continue reading