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Haydee Sánchez Martínez, manager of Amor sin frontera project (+Audio)

Florida, May 15.- After 22 years working as a Physical Education, Sports and Recreation teacher in the municipality of Florida, Haydee Sánchez Martínez, changed her job activity and dedicated herself to being a caregiver mother to care for her daughter with Special educational needs.

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Little son, a decade of good art made by children and adolescents (+ Audio)

Florida, Sep 19.- Ten years will be held on September 28 by the Little Son Theater Music Project of the municipality of Florida, created by art instructors Mabis Casals and Arturo Nazco Labrada. What was initially a children’s musical group, in 2013 acquired a greater dimension by including theater and dance in its presentations.

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The work of Martí in a children’s musical-theater project in Florida

Florida, May 26.- The universal vision and high human sensitivity of the Apostle José Martí also shine in the field of culture, and are a source of inspiration to work for a better world through art. This is how the Floridian instructor appreciates it, Arturo Nazco Labrada, a young man from the municipality of Florida who is nourished by Marti’s work to conduct his musical-theatrical children’s project “Little Son”.

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Students from Playa Florida incorporated into the Mi Costa environmental project

Florida, Apr 23.- The students of Heriberto Martín Guzmán rural school in Playa Florida participate in the actions contained in Mi Costa project, aimed at counteracting the effects of climate change in this demarcation located on the southern Cuban coast.

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Popular consultation of the Family Code project concluded in Florida

Florida, Apr 6.- With the development of all the meetings planned by the electoral authorities for the community analysis of the Family Code Project, the popular consultation process in the municipality of Florida concluded.

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Residents of Florida value the new project of the Family Code

Florida, March 25.- Residents of district 81 in the municipality validated the fairness and broad legal scope of the Family Code Project, during their community meeting corresponding to the current popular consultation process on the document.

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Community project ¨Revolucionando el Barrio¨ brought joy to the rural community of La Vallita (+Post).

Florida, March 6.- As part of the Local Development Strategy of Ignacio Agramonte Loynaz University of Camagüey, the community project ¨Revolucionando el Barrio¨ came this Saturday in the rural community of La Vallita.

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Mi Costa Project: resilience to climate change (+Photos)

Florida, Feb 19.- The Doctor of Science Lisbet Font Vila, sub-delegate in the province of Camagüey of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (CITMA), officially presented this Thursday to government authorities of the municipality of Florida the objectives of the ( Mi Costa Project), a new initiative aimed at strengthening coastal resilience against climate change in 24 territories of the Cuban southern coast.

The coordinator of the Management Unit for the implementation of this Cuban Project in the territories of Playa Florida and Santa Cruz del Sur in the province of Camagüey, held a meeting with representatives of the municipal units of Forestry, Forest Rangers, Hydraulic Resources, the Delegation of Agriculture and the local representation of CITMA, in order to socialize and specify at the same time, the planned actions and their necessary assurances to revive the coastal ecosystem and reduce as much as possible the condition of vulnerability of this demarcation before the rise of the sea ​​level.

Regarding the “Mi Costa” Project, which will be financed by the United Nations Green Climate Fund, the specialist argued that two large-scale results are intended to be achieved, based on the implementation of natural adaptation solutions based on ecosystems, with the direct participation of strategic sectors such as Agriculture and Hydraulic Resources in terms of mangrove rehabilitation.

Likewise, added the specialist, monitoring actions will be constantly carried out on the coast to verify the effectiveness of the activities underway, and the opening of a center or classroom is also planned for the creation of resilience capacities in the population against the impacts of climate change in both Playa Florida and Santa Cruz del Sur.

At a good pace popular consultation on the Family Code Project (+Photos and Posts)

Florida, Feb. 15.- At the end of the second week of the popular consultation process on the Family Code Project in the municipality of Florida, a total of 57 constituency meetings had already been held, in accordance with the schedule provided by the authorities. of the Municipal Electoral Council.

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Playa Florida will benefit from the Mi Costa Project (+ Post)

Florida, Feb 10.- The town of Playa Florida was included along with 23 other territories on the southern coast of Cuba in the Mi Costa Project, a new initiative of the Caribbean State that will be financed by the Green Fund of the United Nations Organization for strengthen climate resilience in population settlements on the southern coast of Cuba.

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