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Training for electoral authorities and jurists on the Family Code project (+Audio and Photos)

Florida, February 1.- Electoral authorities and jurists of the municipality of Florida with the task of conducting the popular consultation on the New Family Code Project received professional training on the constitutional principles and rights contained in the document.

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Florida women reaffirm defense of the Cuban social project (+ Audio)

Florida, Oct 21.- The secretariat of the Federation of Cuban Women in Florida, together with the workers of the municipality’s Shirt Factory, starred in an act of revolutionary reaffirmation against the recent attempts to promote destabilizing actions in the municipality.

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Florida Little Son Theater Musician Project’s Birthday (+ Audio)

Florida, September 29.- The Pequeno Son theater music project of the municipality of Florida celebrated its ninth anniversary on September 28, with the recognition of the national leadership of the José Martí Art Instructors Brigade.

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Veteran fighter of the Revolution ratifies his commitment to the social project (+ Audio)

Florida, Aug 5.- Many of the older adults who accompany us in the defense and construction of the socialist society chosen by the Cuban people recommend that Pinos Nuevos reread history so as not to forget the realities experienced in capitalism before 1959.

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New Local Development Project will provide income and offers to the population (+ Audio and Photos)

Florida, June 1st.- The La Reina mini-industry takes better shape with the progress in the construction of a first warehouse where one of the production areas of this unit will be enabled, as part of a Local Development Project that unites the initiatives and the capital from self-employed workers and the Florida Municipal Government to generate new contributions to the economy and offers to the population.

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Producers and researchers recognize good teachings from the BASAL project (+ Audio and Photos)

Florida, May 15.- One of the connection points with other provinces of the country worked in the municipality of Florida for the Workshop on the Completion of the Project on Environmental Bases for Local Food Sustainability (BASAL), an initiative that leaves good lessons and practices to protect natural resources and promote agricultural activity with methods that allow adaptation to climate change.

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Implementation of the Basal Project encourages good agricultural practices in Florida

Florida, Nov 10 – The implementation of the Project of Environmental Bases for Food Sustainability (BASAL) in agricultural areas of southern Florida, is part of the concrete action in this municipality to face from science the effects of climate change and rationalize the use of natural resources. Continue reading

Sorbitol workers seek to join a project with foreign investment

Florida, Oct 23.- The current works being carried out at the Sorbitol derivatives factory, of the Ignacio Agramonte sugar system in the municipality of Florida, aim to create favorable conditions in that industry to be included in investment projects with capital foreigner, promoted by the country’s leadership. Continue reading

Integrated Community Work project We Are Continuity was restarted in Florida (+ Audio)

Florida, Sep 8.- The Integrated Community Work project Somos Continuidad restarted its meeting sessions with the Floridian people, this time in the popular councils of Agramonte, in the urban space and Las Parras, in the rural area, always complying with hygienic measures -Sanitary to avoid the transmission of diseases. Continue reading

Integrated Community Work Project We are Continuity arrived in Las Tusas (+ Photos)

Florida, Sep 7 – Constituency 33 located in the rural community of Las Tusas, in the northern part of the municipality of Florida, hosted this Sunday the 43rd edition of the We Are Continuity Integrated Community Work Project, a day that was preceded there by a broad popular movement for the cleaning, beautification, painting and rehabilitation of streets, patios and recreational, social and service facilities for the people. Continue reading