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Niurka and Giraldo, prominent workers at Florida Tobacco Factory

Florida, Mar 13.- Niurka Hurtado Milián and Giraldo Carmona Marín, two rollers at the Rolando Valdivia tobacco factory in the municipality of Florida, are an example to follow within the industry, since in addition to their outstanding job performance, they also work as instructors for the young people who in the near future will be new workers of that Base Business Unit.

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Florida Culture house, the most prominent in Camagüey (+Post)

Florida, Jan 16.- The Luis Casas Romero House of Culture in the city of Florida was recognized as the most outstanding in the province for the results of the work carried out by the artists, Art Instructors and other workers of the institution during the year 2022.

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Florida journalists value work deployed in the last four years (+ Audio and Post)


Florida, Sep 20.- With the tribute of remembrance to the prominent chronicler Humberto Guevara Esquivel, the assembly of the base delegation of the Union of Journalists of Cuba (UPEC) began in the municipality of Florida, to evaluate the results of the work carried out in the last four years, share experiences and discuss essential aspects to establish effective communication with the different segments of the public from the media.

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Caridad de la Torre Sequeira, a prominent Floridian poet.

Florida, March 16.- Caridad de la Torre Sequeira is a Floridian woman, a lover of poetry, a cultivator of Marti’s ideology and with a long history in the movement of amateur artists in the territory.

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Idenia Quinones Pelaez; a prominent Floridian educator (+Audio)

Florida, March 8.- Women play an important role in Cuban society, the educator Idenia Quiñones Peláez, received at the beginning of the course in Florida the Distinction for Cuban Education for her outstanding career in this sector.

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Flor Adela Fernández González, prominent Florida educator (+ Audio)

Florida, Dec 21.- Flor Adela Fernández González, is a Floridian educator who loves her profession, her years of experience in teaching are a light of knowledge for everyone.

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