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Promotion and Education for Health, decisive in the confrontation with COVID-19 (+ Audio)

lorida, Jan 7 – Health Promotion and Education specialists of the Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology of the municipality of Florida intensify their actions in work centers and in the community in the prevention of COVID-19.

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Florida educators do not neglect the promotion of arable areas

Florida, Sep 23.- Despite the current epidemiological situation in the country, Floridian educators do not neglect the promotion of existing arable areas in school institutions, with the intention of guaranteeing self-sufficiency in the dining rooms once the teaching process in person.

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New librarians will strengthen the promotion of reading in Florida (+ Audio)

Florida, Mar 1st.- Several young Floridians completed their studies and will shortly receive the title of the specialty of Librarians and Documentary Techniques that will allow them to access jobs in schools and other institutions of the municipality related to the promotion of reading. Continue reading

Cultural promotion among people with disabilities, an example of social inclusion (+ Audio)

Florida, Feb 10.- The associations of the disabled in Cuba are made up of people who have the right to a socially useful life with equal opportunities, full access to work, study, sports, as well as cultural and recreational activities.

Regarding the work carried out in Florida from the cultural promotion, Jorge David Guerra de la Cruz, specialist in charge of its development in the associations, comments on the report of the journalist Diala González Ramayo for the informative programming of Radio Florida