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At the Sorbitol Plant, young people are fundamental protagonists

Florida, Feb 3.- At the Sorbitol Derivatives Plant in the municipality of Florida, young people assume important tasks and are protagonists of the main results of this manufacturing entity committed to diversifying its productions.

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Public Health Professionals protagonists of the health intervention process (+ Audio)

Florida, Aug 4.- In the Municipal Mental Health Center of the city of Florida is located the vaccination center of the Family Medical Clinic # 14 belonging to the North Health area, where some 900 residents of the popular council of the Urban Center receive the second dose of the Cuban vaccine Abdala.

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Professionals of Physical Culture and Sports active protagonists of the current battles.

Florida, Mar 17.- During the current phase of limited autochthonous transmission, the professionals of Physical Culture and Sports of the municipality of Florida recess their practices as a preventive measure, and once again become one of the most active support forces for the actions to confront COVID-19 and other tasks. Continue reading

Florida women protagonists of the economic and social development of the municipality (+ Audio)

Florida, Dec 30.- As happens throughout the country, Floridian women have been at the forefront of all economic and social actions developed in the country in the year that ends; doctors, nurses, teachers and professors, scientists, technicians or engineers, commercial workers or peasant women, always involved in the tasks related to the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and food production.

This is reflected by the journalist Pedro Pablo Sáez Herrera in the report he presented to the Radio Florida news program.

Social Organizations, eternal protagonists of the Revolution (+ Audio)

Florida, Jul 28.- In the history of the Cuban Revolution, social organizations are protagonists of the most momentous events since the imprint of their members who also write glorious pages of loyalty and attachment to our cause. This is the subject of the report that Mayelin Baryolo Rodríguez and José Díaz Hernández, journalists with the information services of Radio Florida.

Floridian educators and students protagonists of social work during and after the pandemic (+ Audio)

Florida, Jul 23.- Workers in the educational sector in the municipality of Florida undertook various activities during the confrontation with the COVID-19 Pandemic and in the current recovery phase. Attention to staff in isolation centers, bringing food to nursing homes and vulnerable staff and participation in agricultural work are actions that counted and have the leading role of teachers, professors and service personnel, in addition to students of professional and university technical education. Continue reading

Camagüey´s Media, protagonists of the information after the passage of hurricane Irma

Camagüey´s Media, protagonists of the information after the passage of hurricane Irma

Camagüey´s Media, protagonists of the information after the passage of hurricane Irma

Camagüey, Sep 15 – With editions and special programs, the press, radio and television, have followed the step and the actions to be undertaken now in the province, to recover from the shocks that caused the hurricane Irma in its passage through the territory. Continue reading