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Decree Law Number 31: the first is the protection of the animal mass (+ Audio)

Florida, June 11.- Decree Law Number 31 on Animal Welfare approved last April by the Council of Minister, which regulates principles, violations and sanctions to be applied to those who violate the provisions of that regulation, will come into force in the next days.

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Savings and individual protection, two tasks that cannot be postponed today (+ Audio)

Florida, Sep 14.- The residential sector of the municipality of Florida is called to assume a greater role in saving electricity, a task of the first order in the current epidemiological conditions of the country and in the face of the constant economic restrictions imposed by the inhuman blockade Yankee. The following report refers to the subject that journalist Mayelin Baryolo Rodríguez presented to the Radio Florida news program.

The Florida Attorney’s Office activates the protection of collective rights (+ Audio)

Florida, Aug 5.- The internal order and the protection of the collective right to health and social welfare are essential in a contingency like the current one to guarantee success in the fulfillment of preventive measures. Continue reading

They ensure the protection and well-being of children in Florida Children’s Circles (/ + Audio)

Florida, Jul 10.- The Seeds of the Future Children’s Circle in Florida is an institution where love and good care for infants prevail. Leonor María Paneque Domenech, director of that educational institution provides information on the measures adopted at the center in this post-COVID-19 stage in the report by Marisol León Álvarez, a journalist with Radio Florida.


Home of children without family protection, center that is also a school (+ Audio)

Florida, Jun 4.- At the Home for Children without Family Protection in times of pandemic, those who live and work are cared for and protected. Jacinto Hernández, its director assures that everyone is a family and in a telephone interview with collaborator Luis Ortiz Chaviano comments for Radio Florida the daily dynamics of this institution in the current epidemiological conditions in the country.

Cuban scientists organize festival for protection of sea turtles

Cuban scientists organize festival for protection of sea turtles

Cuban scientists organize festival for protection of sea turtles

Pinar del Rio, March 29 – Cuban scientists, activists and citizens of the western town of La Coloma have organized the second festival dedicated to the protection of sea turtles in that coastal community of Pinar del Rio. Continue reading