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Yanixy Morales Beltrán 10 years of uninterrupted work in Florida Prosecutor’s Office (+ Audio)

Florida, Jan 23.- An engineer by profession, Yanixy Morales Beltrán, works as an assistant to the Prosecutor in Florida and was recognized with the medal for 10 years of uninterrupted work in this body of justice.

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Provincial celebration rewards performance of health workers in Florida

Florida, Dec 3.- The provincial act for Latin American Medicine Day, which will take place this Saturday, December 3 in the municipality of Florida, constitutes recognition of the performance of all workers in the sector.

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Educator’s Day began in Florida

Florida, Nov. 16.- This Tuesday began in the territory, as in the entire country, the Educator’s Day, which runs as every year until December 22, to honor Cuban pedagogues.

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Floridian journalists awarded recognition and prizes(+Photos)

of Journalists of Cuba (UPEC) in the municipality, were recognized for their outstanding work in informing and bringing the most outstanding events to the people, through the media. press to which they belong.

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Workers in the health sector deserve all the recognition on this day (+ Multimedia)

Florida, Dec 3, 2021.- This December 3 we celebrate Latin American Medicine Day and from the president of the country to the last Cuban agree in thanking the Public health personnel for the effort developed this year in multiple tasks and especially in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Recognition of families of Youth Pan American Athletes began in Florida

Florida, Nov. 11.- The direction of the municipal Sports sector in Florida began this Wednesday a program of recognition and attention to the relatives of the gymnast Danaylis León Joseph and the taekwondoca Jessy de la Caridad Valdespino, who will represent Cuba in the First Youth Pan American Games to be held from November 25 to December 5 in Cali, Colombia.

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Rancho Urabo, unit where honorable work is recognized (+ Audio)

Florida, Jan 9.- Recognition of the most outstanding in the daily fulfillment of duty constitutes a fundamental mission for administrations and unions in any productive or service entity with the purpose of promoting the example and reinforcing the commitments to ensure compliance with Tasks.

This is reflected in the report by the journalist Pedro Pablo Sáez Herrera with the criteria of the four workers of the “Rancho Urabo” unit of Flora and Fauna in the municipality of Florida, awarded for the results of their work at the end of last year 2020.

Recognition of outstanding groups against Covid-19 in Florida (+ Photos)

Florida, Dec 18.- The performance of the groups of organizations and institutions in Florida to guarantee the health and the best possible well-being of the people in the first stage of confrontation with Covid 19, was highlighted this Friday during a cultural political activity that salutes also from this municipality the 62nd Anniversary of the Triumph of the Cuban Revolution. Continue reading

Agricultural union gives recognition to producer unit and cooperative members of Florida (+ Photos)

Florida, Oct 2 – As part of the activities of the Day for the Agricultural Worker Day, the Provincial Secretariat of this union gave the condition “For sustainable agriculture” to the Basic Unit of Cooperative Production (UBPC) Antonio Maceo of the municipality of Florida, in recognition of the productive results achieved in the current situation of confrontation with COVID-19. Continue reading

Recognition of rural women is encouraged in Florida

Florida, Sep 3.- Recognition of the efforts of rural women with good results of their work is maintained as a working principle of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) in the municipality of Florida, for which it is linked to the rest of the mass organizations of the territory, including the Federation of Cuban Women. Continue reading