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The territory has its own seedlings for reforestation (+Infographic)

Florida, Aug 3.- With more than 30,000 seedlings produced to date, the timber and fruit plant nursery belonging to Florida Forestry Unit has become a key piece in the effort to move forward with a better step in the forest rehabilitation of this area of Camagüey demarcation.

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Reforestation in Florida: an urgent task.

Florida, Feb. 17.- The Forestry Unit and the Florida Agricultural Company, together monopolize the largest number of hectares planned to be rehabilitated or covered with trees in the municipal Reforestation Plan of the current calendar. A commitment that requires working from now on with the aim of reaching the month of October with all the goals met.

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Florida production bases committed to the reforestation plan of the year

Florida, Feb. 19.- Several entities linked to the Agricultural Company of the municipality of Florida assume fundamental tasks of the Reforestation Plan of 2021, with the obligation to carry them out before October 31 as the deadline of the forest rehabilitation schedule. Continue reading

Acknowledged Outstanding Work on Refeorestation of Several Centers

Florida, Jan 18 – The municipal commission for Reforestation and the Florida State Forest Service recognized in a special way the work done in the forest recovery by the Argentina Sugar Industry, the Education Sector and the Silviculture unit of the territory.

Each of these work centers played a prominent role in tasks designed to increase the forest estate in 2011, including the planting of more than 76 000 trees and of about seven acres of land with timber and fruit trees.

Also were recognized for their contribution to the rehabilitation of the green mass in Florida, the sanitation workers, those of the Agramonte Sugar Industry as well as several local Committees of Defense of the Revolution.